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Do you like solving mysteries?  Do you like excitement?  Are you looking for a way to work together with your family, friends, or co-workers?

Then maybe it is time you try one of the challenging escape rooms at The Escape Game.  They have multiple 60-minute adventures full of surprising twists and challenging puzzles.  We’ll tell you about these escape room options.  And we’ll tell you how you can save money on these escape games!

The Escape Game Escape Rooms

Prison Break

The year is 1955.  You were wrongfully accused of a crime.  And unfortunately, you were sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.  The cell you have been assigned is the same one a famous inmate was in who disappeared without a trace.  Some say he escaped – but others think he was murdered by an infamously cruel warden.  Can you escape the prison – or be doomed to meet the same fate as the inmate?

The Heist

You are a world-class spy where your assignment leads you to a prestigious art museum.  A masterpiece was recently stolen and it is believed to be hidden inside the office of Vincent Hahn, the museum’s egotistical curator.  With the help of your intelligence agent on the outside, you have to find your way into Hahn’s office, recover the painting, and get out before Hahn returns.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

You and your fellow field agents have a special assignment.  You will investigate the area’s local market. It’s late and quiet and yet…something is not quite right.  Just as the investigation is coming to an end, you encounter an unexpected twist.  Can you figure everything out in sixty minutes?

Gold Rush

Clyde Hamilton, an eccentric and reclusive prospector, has died and no one knows who is he has left as an heir to his immense golden fortune.  You are his distant relative and have been asked to view his final will and testament.  It turns out Clyde has one last game for you.  If you can find the gold, you can claim your inheritance!


You and your friends are about to leave for summer vacation.  Except the only problem is, you need to get your final report card.  But you haven’t finished your work.  And your assignments are just unlike anything you’ve seen before in a classroom.  Can you and your gang work together to pass or fail this assignment?

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The Escape Game is located in St. John’s Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida.  My family is a big fan of St. John’s Town Center.  There are lots of great restaurants and shopping opportunities there in addition to fun activities like The Escape Game.  Regular bloggers will remember we’ve shared the holiday fireworks from St. John’s Town Center before:

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