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When you go to a show in Las Vegas, you want to be wowed.  And that is almost certainly going to happen if you go to Wynn Las Vegas’s new show Awakening!

One of the things that sets this show apart from other shows is the technology.  Awakening takes place inside the world’s most technologically advanced theater.  They perform on a 60-foot, 360-degree prismatic stage.  It undulates and expands as the characters move, so it is a really neat thing to see.

Speaking of characters, the story is another reason to go.  They have a great cast of characters.  They even include oversized, fantastical creatures designed by Michael Curry, the award-winning puppet master who worked on the acclaimed Broadway musical The Lion King.  The graceful, lifelike movements of these creatures are really impressive.

Though it is not just puppets.  They have a diverse cast of great characters.  You’ll get caught up in the story.  It is a modern-day myth where the heroine, IO has to brave the forces of Light and Darkness in her quest to reunite them and in doing so, save the world.  So it is a very epic tale.  The show’s narration is even done by Oscar award-winning Sir Anthony Hopkins.

The show also has a beautiful original score to accompany the show.  Other aspects of the show that make it stand out are great costumes and choreography.  There are talented acrobats and aerialists in this production.

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Wynn Las Vegas

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Wynn Las Vegas is a great hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.  They offer guests lots of great features like luxury rooms including tower suites, gourmet restaurants, designer boutiques, pools, and a spa with salon services.

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