Cheap price for Casey's SportsWorld in Phoenix, AZ

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Sports Arena

Casey’s SportsWorld has an interesting origin story.  Once upon a time, it was an outdoor hockey rink.  They kept the lights and bleachers but replaced the hockey rink with multipurpose, artificial turf.  Now they have an arena that hosts soccer, kickball, flag football, dodgeball, and other games.

Batting Cages

But that’s not all.  Casey’s SportsWorld has baseball and softball batting cages.  But these aren’t your average batting cages.  No, you can swing for a 200-foot home-run fence while batting from one of two slow-pitch softball cages or one fast softball cage.  Or you can do it from one of seven baseball cages that can sling pitches from 40 miles to 80 miles per hour.  They also have an arm-style mechanism that actually emulates human pitchers!  Helmets and bat are even available for free!

Mudville Baseball & Softball Training Facility

In addition to batting cages, Casey’s SportsWorld also has the Mudville Training Facility, which is great for anyone wanting to improve their baseball or softball skills.

They’ve got:

  • Lighted grass infield
  • Pitching mounds
  • 2 batting practice tunnels with a live pitch
  • Automated soft toss machine
  • Tee area
  • Whiffle ball tunnel
  • Soft toss tunnel


Casey’s SportsWorld also has a great mini-golf area.  It was actually designed to honor a legendary species known as the Marsh-wiggle.  Legend has it they were peaceful creatures whose diet was mostly meat and vegetables.

As you and your family or friends play a round of mini golf, you can speculate yourself on the origin story of the pink Volkswagen Beetle that’s half-embedded into the ground.  Local legend has it that it squished the last remaining Marsh-wiggle.  After all, the last reported sighting of a Marshwiggle occurred on December 12, 1961…which, of course, is the night the Volkswagen flew the fence.


Casey’s SportsWorld is located in Paradise Valley Village in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is in North Phoenix at 40th Street and Union Hills.


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