Discount ticket to Chinatown Food Tour in San Francisco, California

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There are a lot of reasons to visit Chinatown in San Francisco, California.  But one of the top reasons for so many people is the delicious food!  So if you are traveling to San Francisco, why not take a Chinatown food tour?

Well, there’s a great one you can take where you will be able to sample some delicious food!  It is a 3-hour guided walking tour of Chinatown.  You’ll get to know about the foods that define mainland China and Hong Kong.  Included in the price of your ticket are five different tastings at five different wonderful restaurants.  These restaurants are Chinese-owned and operated.  You have a chance to sample Mandarin, Cantonese, and Szechuan cuisine.  These businesses represent the best of Chinatown restaurants, bakeries, and food establishments.

Chinatown Restaurants

Here are the five food establishments currently listed for the tour:

  • New Hollywood Bakery & Restaurant: They serve great food like light & buttery buns filled with barbecue-flavored cha siu pork.
  • Grant Place: They are famous locally for their Hong Kong-style dim sum & Chinese specialties.
  • Chinatown Restaurant / Beijing 49ers: They serve traditional Imperial Chinese delicacies
  • House of Dim Sum: They serve customers world-famous, succulent Dim Sum in a cozy, authentic setting.
  • Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory: This is a famous and landmark bakery that has been serving fortune cookies to customers since 1962.
  • AA Bakery & Café: They serve freshly made, right out of the oven, Hong Kong-style egg tarts with a buttery flaky crust

These are popular establishments, too.  So one thing you get out of this tour is being able to eat these delicious, popular foods without having to wait in line!

Please note, however, this is subject to change and you could be visiting another great Chinatown eatery.

Other Tour Information

A great thing about this tour is the tour guide.  You will learn a lot about Chinatown cuisine that only locals know.

Their knowledge also takes you on hidden streets you might not go to if you were exploring the area yourself.

And you get to hear lots of interesting stories about the Chinese immigrants’ arrival in San Francisco, the Tong Wars, Chinese architecture, etc.

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