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AlienCon is coming to the Pasadena Convention Center on March 3, 4 and 5, 2023. This convention is an exploration into the mysteries that exist between science fact and science fiction.

AlienCon Schedule

  • Friday, March 3, from 3pm to 8 pm Badge Pick Up
    4 pm to 5 pm Marketplace Preview for Infinity, Galactic & Cosmic Pass Holders
    5 pm to 6 pm Marketplace Preview for All Pass Holders
  • Saturday, March 4, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Sunday March 5, from 8:30 am to 6 pm

Panels & Programs

Come explore the unexplained mysteries of the universe all weekend long. Topics for panels and programs include

  • History’s Most Compelling UFO Incident
  • Giants: Scientific Evidence of a Forgotten Race
  • Ancient Aliens: Stories of Prophets & Visionaries
  • Beyond Roswell
  • Cryptozoology 101
  • Alien Encounters In Hollywood
  • Ancient Aliens: Earth’s Energy Grid – Hot Spots & Ley Lines
  • The Mars – Earth Connection
  • Chariots of the Gods: 55 Years & Counting
  • The UFO Reality: What Do We Know?
  • Ancient Aliens Humankind’s Mysterious Origins
  • The UnXplained: The Power of Sacred Objects
  • Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch: From the Beginning
  • Secrets of A Government UFO Investigator
  • Finding the Truth with Forensics
  • Ancient Aliens: Wonders of Ancient Engineering
  • The UnXplained: Creatures & Cryptids
  • UFOs & the Presidency
  • Ancient Aliens: Leaving Planet Earth
  • Evidence of an Ice Age Civilization
  • World’s Weirdest Alien Cases
  • Investigating Abductions

and more.


AlienCon’s Marketplace returns with some out of this world shopping. Some of the vendors include

  • Kawliga Publishing
  • Area 51 Crystals
  • Dream Light Jewelry
  • A Steampunked Life
  • CranieYums
  • I See Aliens Everywhere
  • Pin Plugged
  • Mysterious Earth Gems
  • Punch It! Graphics
  • Sasquatch Syndicate, Inc.
  • Toxic Doom Studies
  • Scary Tales Publishing

and many more.

Panelists & Special Guests

The energy of panelists and special guests will make for a galactic weekend. Come and meet your favorite AlienCon expert.

  • George A. Tsoukalos, Ancient Astronaut Theorist
  • Eric van Daniken, Author
  • Dr. Travis Taylor, Astrophysicist
  • David Childress, Author
  • William Henry, Author, Investigative Mythologist
  • Caroline Cory, Filmmaker
  • George Knapp, Investigative Journalist
  • Nick Pope, Former Ministry of Defense
  • Hugh Newman, Author
  • Robert Clotworthy, Actor
  • Jonathan Young, Psychologist, Author
  • Thomas Winterton, Ranch Superintendent Skinwater Ranch
  • Bryant “Dragon” Arnold, Chief Security Officer Skinwalker Ranch
  • Jeremy Corbell, Investigator Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker
  • Alejandro Rojas, Writer, Podcaster

and many more.

AlienCon has something for everyone with curiosity and an open mind. Join a community of your fellow seekers and enthusiasts coming to consider, theorize and discuss.


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