Denver, Colorado Forney Museum Ghost Hunting Discount Ticket

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It has been said that October is the time of year when the “veil” between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest. The nights are longer, cold breezes ruffle the fallen leaves and spirits make their appearances among us. Was that chill that just passed through the air something from the other side?

Supernatural activity has been reported at the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver, Colorado. The Museum is filled with cars, train cars, motorcycles, trolley cars and more. These vehicles have come from all over the United States. They all have a history and possible attachments.

The Denver Ghost Hunters will be conducting a paranormal investigation of the Forney Museum on October 29, 2021. Would you like to go on a ghost hunt with them?

Paranormal investigations involve collecting evidence of paranormal activity by taking pictures or using equipment to try to detect the presence of spirits. You should be prepared. Make sure your equipment is fully charged and carry extra batteries with you. Make sure your camera settings are correct. Many investigators wear a headlamp so they can see in the dark. And leave everything exactly as you found it.


The basic gear for ghost hunting include a voice recorder, point and shoot camera, headlamp and an electromagnetic radiation detector (EMF meter). If you wanted to upgrade your equipment, the next level would include an infrared temperature detector, dowsing rods,
parabolic listening device and a spirit box or electronic voice phenomena (EVP) scanner.

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Your Ghost Hunting Tour will begin with a 30 minute presentation on paranormal activity, evidence, safety and ground rules. You can bring your own tools and cameras. Denver Ghost Hunters have limited equipment people can borrow. Everyone should bring their cell phones.

Come explore paranormal activity with the Denver Ghost Hunters!

Additional Tour Information

100% of the proceeds from the tour will go to the museum. The Denver Ghost Hunters are donating their time.


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