Coupon, promo code for fat tire bike & snowshoe rentals in Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer.  With the snow covering the ground as well as the trees, it really does look like a winter wonderland.

Lake Tahoe Snowshoe Rentals

Snowshoeing is a great way to get around Lake Tahoe in the winter.  This is especially true in the least developed areas which are also the most beautiful.  And it’s fun!  

You can experience some of the best backcountry in the Sierras on snowshoes.  Take great hikes where you can see breathtaking views of the lake, the lush forest and snow capped mountains.  Soak in the quiet and serene winter solitude in the snowy forest.

Vista Trailbikes has snowshoe rentals.  All their snowshoes come with poles included at no extra charge.  Their knowledgeable staff will tell you where the most scenic trails in Lake Tahoe are.

Complimentary birdseed packets will come with the snowshoes.  Have fun having a chickadee land on and eat directly from your outstretched hand.  Bottled water is also included with the rental.


I’ll bet you’d like to find a way to save money on the snowshoes rental and we can help you with that.  Book your rental here and you can save $8 (9% discount) on each rental. 

Lake Tahoe Fat Tire Bike Rentals

You can also have a winter adventure with a fat tire bike.  Experience snowy forest and lake vistas along locally groomed trails.

The fat tire bikes are made to offer a great riding experience, helping you easily ride on groomed snowy trails.  They are perfect for exploring Lake Tahoe’s beautiful landscapes.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner, these top of the line fat tire bikes will give you the control and stability you need on snowy ground.

All bikes come with a helmet, locks and bottled water.  The staff at Vista Trailbikes will give you instructions and guides to trailheads. 


Book your bike rental here and you can save $26 (20% discount) on each bike rental.

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