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Hunger Games Exhibition Las Vegas

If you are a Hunger Games fan, then you will love the Hunger Games Exhibition!  It is located at the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip.  It is a wonderful look into Katniss Everdeen’s journey from District 12 to becoming the Mockingjay & leader of the rebellion against the Capitol.

See the costume gallery that has nearly 30 original outfits worn by the cast.  You will definitely want to check out the “Girl on Fire” dress.

You also get to see recreations of sets.  Those recreations and galleries include President Snow’s Office, District 13, the Hall of Justice, and the Tribute Train.  There are also a lot of interactive features.  You will want to check out the interactive map of Panem and the Gamemakers control table.  You can even make your own rebellion propaganda commercial!

And there are other great attractions, too.

Beetee’s Archery Training

There’s also a 60-foot-wide training lab where you can experience real-life archery-training.  Beetee’s Archery Training is actually a Guinness World Record-setting archery experience!  It has the world’s largest interactive touchscreen.  You can aim a bow and arrow at the screen as you train to be as skilled as Katniss.

Capitol TV Trivia

You’ll also want to check out the Capitol TV Trivia section.  Here you can test your knowledge of the movies with your friends, family…and Caesar Flickerman himself!  This innovative exhibit uses motion-tracking technology.

Mockingjay Echo

Did you know you can have a musical experience here?  You can send signals through the forest.  The Mockingjays then repeat your tones and send your message out.  You can create your unique messages, or sing the iconic message Katniss and Rue used!

Discounted Tickets

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