Discounted admission to private escape room in Seattle, Washington area

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Looking for a great escape room experience in the Seattle, Washington area?  Then you need to check out Entangled in Lynnwood, Washington!

Entangled offers three different escape room experiences.  It is a great bonding experience since you get a private escape room with you and your friends, family, and/or co-workers.  You and your team will have to race against the clock to solve an elaborate mystery in time.

I’ll tell you about these escape room experiences.  And then I’ll let you in on how to save money on admission to these escape rooms.

Escape Rooms

The Cell

The premise of this escape room is that you’re in the midst of an investigation of an area where there has been a string of disappearances.  You’ve just gotten a lead to a warehouse off of Highway 99.  You arrive and walk inside – and promptly fall through a trap door!

You are knocked unconscious but then you awaken to a monitor with images of someone you assume is your captor.  He informs you that you have to play a game to earn your freedom.  If time runs out, you become another delicacy for him.


You and your group have been abducted by space aliens.  Naturally, the aliens have done this so you can play in their intergalactic game show called THE CUBE.  This seems nice enough and the aliens seem friendly enough.  But after some time you start realizing that the aliens have poisoned all of you and are forcing you to play.  Now it is up to you to find the antidote.  You need to find the antidote in an hour.  Because the ultimate prize for THE CUBE is that aliens will not blow up the earth.  So you have to win this game show because the fate of planet earth depends on it!

Your choice, find the antidote or die in an hour. But! Your ultimate prize for completing THE CUBE is… the aliens will not blow up the earth. You and your group must win and save planet earth.

Dead’s Man Cove

You are part of a crew that wants to discover the treasure of Dead Man’s Cove.

There are two captains on opposite sides.  One of them, Red Bead, is blood-thirsty and power-hungry.  He’ll stop at nothing just to get what he wants.  The other, Black Beard, is a lovestruck pirate.  He just wants to find the treasure and be reunited with his true love.

So now you and your group can choose which crew you want to be part of.  You and your group can all work together with one of the captains.  Or you can split up and compete against each other.

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