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Whenever you watch race car drivers zoom around the raceway, don’t you want a similar feeling?  Go-karting can give you that same kind of thrill.  So I can see why you are looking to try go-karting in the Los Angeles, California area.  And you should try that go-karting at Go Kart World in Carson, California.

Go Kart World first opened its doors in 1993.  Since that time, it has quickly grown into the premier go-karting facility of the Southern California area.  In fact, it has grown that way so much so that even Hollywood celebrities like Jodie Foster, Jonah Hill, Kanye West, Josh Duhamel, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ashton Kutcher, Owen Wilson, Tyne Daly, and Quentin Tarantino have been among its guests.

So why is Go Kart World so popular?  Well, part of the reason is that it is committed to always keeping its facilities up to date.  In fact, they open up a new track every 18 months.  So they really give you a great reason to keep coming back year after year!

They have a lot of great tracks:

Super Track

Their Super Track is truly a super track.  In fact, it is the largest driving skills course track on the West Coast!  The Super Track is 2-stories high, has 26-degree turns, and has bank turns that are 15 feet off the ground!  You can ride a Euro Cart on the Super Track and it can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour!

Slick Track

The Slick Track has a special “slick” treatment applied to the track’s surface.  This helps simulate Sprint Car Racing where karts can Power-Slide through turns.  Their special Sprint tires have “staggered” tire sizes that allow karts to maintain a controlled slide around turns at up to 25 miles per hour.

Turbo Track

The Turbo Track simulates a Rally Road Course.  Highlights of this course include two over and under bridge passes and a 32-degree free-fall corkscrew barrel turn.

Bumper Track

Both children and adults can enjoy the Bumper Track.  It’s a great learning tool for those new to go-karting.  You can travel forwards, travel backwards, and spin in circles in both directions.

Mini Indy

Mini Indy is designed for younger drivers.  Kids can race up to 8 other racers on this track.


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