Liggle Land Tigard Oregon VR arcade card discount prices

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Adults and children alike can have a fun time in the Portland, Oregon area by visiting Liggle Land in Tigard.  We’ll tell you why Liggle Land is so much fun for guests.  And then we’ll tell you how you can save money with a coupon!

Virtual Reality Arcade

The main attraction of Liggle Land has got to be the Virtual Reality Arcade!

VR Space VR/VR Space Plus

Here is where you can find a huge selection of games.  They’re equipped with the latest VR VIVE COSMOS headset and controllers.  You can play fast-paced action VR games, solve VR puzzles, etc.  All in all, there are thirty VR Space games and 50 VR Space Plus games.

VR Gun Machine

Enjoy a realistic VR first-person shooter experience with surround sounds and VR VIVE 360 capabilities.  The rotary machine gun is equipped with VR sensors.

VR Racing

You can completely engage yourself with the virtual reality world through the glasses and zoom through F1 cups to first place.  You get 360 degrees view that makes you feel like you’re sitting in your own F1 vehicle. The ride even comes with gear switches, shift gears, pedals, and gas.

VR Motorcycle

The VR Motorcycle allows you to enter different virtual reality raceways with each track.

VR Together

If you visit Liggle Land with friends, then you’ll be happy to know you can enjoy VR games with friends!  Up to three people can enjoy these experiences.  They include VR horror simulations, roller coasters, and space rides.  The hydraulic chair experience, surround sound stereo system, air suppression gives you such a realistic experience.

VR Chair

You can also experience horror simulations, roller coasters, and space rides by yourself in the VR Chair.

VR Team

But if you do want to enjoy a virtual reality experience, there is another way to do that.  You can work as a team with 3 other players.  You can work together to shoot down zombies or aliens.  The ride has VVE motion-censored guns, realistic vibrations, surround sound, and multiple immersive first-person shooters.


The three-screen gives you realistic flight and racing simulation experiences.  The multi-hydraulic experience gives you extreme swings and movements depending on your simulation experience.  Racing rides utilize the Logitech 329 Driving Force and other elements for an immersive experience.

VR Flight

Experience virtual reality sledding simulations as you should down targets.  See if you can get a high score ranking.

VR Slide

VR Slide makes you feel like you are actually on a roller coaster.  It has a back surround system, hydraulic simulation movements, and 360 degrees of virtual reality simulation.  You’ll do such things as wiggle through skyscrapers and twirl around dragons.

VR Kid

There are games for children so they can experience virtual reality, too!

Magic Box

Here you can get a wide selection of games to play and a wide area to play.

Indoor Playground

But the virtual reality arcade isn’t the only fun thing to do while you are at Liggle Land.  Liggle Land also has an indoor playground!  It has four levels of structure play for children.  It was designed for children up to the age of 12 years old.  There is a separate section for toddlers.  Due to COVID-19, they divide the play into sessions and do thorough cleanings in between.


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