$20 off ticket to Area 51 VIP Tour out of Las Vegas Nevada

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If you’ve ever been curious about Area 51, then you need to take this tour!

The Area 51 VIP Tour by Adventure Photo Tours will first take you to Las Vegas at McCarran International Airport, where you’ll see the top secret Janet Airlines which transports highly classified passengers to & from Area 51.

Next, you’ll drive through Joshua Tree Forest before arriving at the mysterious Dry Lake.  That’s where you’ll be able to see unusual Indian Petroglyphs that resemble aliens.  After that, you’ll drive down the “Extraterrestrial Highway”.  You’ll have lunch at the famous Little A’Le’Inn, a restaurant & store where numerous documentaries and movies (including the hit movie Independence Day) have filmed.

Next on the tour is the Black Mailbox Location.  This marks the entrance to Area 51 and it is a popular place for UFO enthusiasts to get together.  You’ll then encounter guards with high-powered weapons (a.k.a. the Men in Black) & signs reading “Top Secret Military Facility, Keep Out, Use of Deadly Force Authorized”.  After that, you’ll head back to Las Vegas.

This is an SUV tour and your knowledgeable guide will teach you a lot about UFOs, landmarks, etc. while answering your questions.  In addition to this tour being interesting to UFO enthusiasts, you’ll also be able to enjoy the beauty of Southern Nevada.

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