Discounted price for Full 3-Day Attendee Badge or Family Package to Sin City Anime in Las Vegas

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Calling all fans of anime and Japanese culture! You won’t want to miss the Sin City Anime convention in Las Vegas, Nevada! This is a fantastic way to celebrate anime with fellow fans.

This year, the Sin City Anime Expo will be held at Alexis Park All Suite Resort over three days, from November 18-20, 2022.

Let’s take a look at all of the fun activities you can enjoy at this event, as well as the excellent guests. And then we’ll share a way that you can get a discount on admission!

Cosplay Masquerade

This masquerade competition is open to all levels of cosplay skill. You’ll get one and a half minutes of stage time if you’re a solo entrant. Groups are allowed 3 minutes.

Fashion Show

Enjoy a fabulous fashion show, presented by fashion programming director Juxica and fashion designer Rina Cali. Applications are currently being taken for fashion designers and models.

Cosplay Chess & Shogi

Have you ever participated in a cosplay version of a shogi or chess game? Each cosplayer is assigned a matching shogi/chess piece and moves according to the play of the Gamemasters.

The Cosplay Chess game will take place on Friday afternoon, and the Cosplay Shogi game is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Same day entrants will be accepted. However, if you sign up in advance, then your cosplay character will have a spot reserved. Your character will also get priority placement. You can sign up here.

Arcade Gaming

Thanks to industry provider Game Saru, there will be free-to-play arcade setups. For no cost, you can enjoy games like:

  • DBZ Zenkai Battle
  • SF 3rd strike
  • DDR
  • MVC 2
  • Project Diva
  • Pump it UP
  • and more!

Game and Lounge

Want to relax? There will be 3600 square feet dedicated to gaming and lounge space.

Smash Ultimate Tournament

Over the three days of the convention, a Super Smash Brother Ultimate Tournament will be held. This tournament is hosted by the Lunar Flare organization.

Sin City Anime Con Guests

What’s a convention without special guests, right? And Sin City Anime has plenty of guests for this year’s event.

  • Jennifer Cihi (actress & performer, including the singing voice of Sailor Moon)
  • Chris Patton (voice actor in anime and video games)
  • Minori (Japanese alternative fashion icon)
  • Cybr.grl (Arizona-based Filipino fashion designer and YouTuber)
  • Ghost Girl Goods (Toronto-based kawaii and Harajuku fashion inspired clothing brand)
  • SushiiSuzii (Partnered Wolf VStreamer/VTuber)
  • Dobutsu Lounge (late night, event-based lounge group)
  • Juvanixx Project (Cosplay trio & Vocaloid enthusiasts)
  • Sumuji Cafe (Arizona-based fruit themed maid cafe)
  • Jez Roth (owner of the first school of cosplay, GamerVsTailor, located in Las Vegas)
  • Galaxy Girl PAiDA (Texas-based Dystopian-pop idol)
  • DJ Maddox (Las Vegas-based multi-genre artist)
  • DJ Bitesize (Bay Area-based Pinay DJ)
  • Decaying Tigers (Las Vegas-based 8-bit chiptune synthrock band)
  • Black Ros3 (anime rock duo)

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You’ll have two different options, one for 1 person and one for 5 people:

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  • 3-Day Family Attendee Badge Package:
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    • 3 Kids (ages 7 to 15)

Please note that children ages 6 and under get free admission.

Alexis Park All Suite Resort

As I mentioned earlier, this convention is being held at the Alexis Park All Suite Resort.  It’s a wonderful LGBTQ+-friendly, family-friendly hotel that’s about a ten-minute drive to the Las Vegas Strip.  It’s got great features like a spa, salon, and three outdoor pools.  The hotel also has a bunch of shows there.  You can find out how to get great coupons for these shows here.  And you can find a great rate for Alexis Park All Suite Resort here.