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The television show Squid Game is really more than a TV show.  It is a cultural phenomenon.  After all, it is Netflix’s most-watched series (yes, more than Stranger Things!) and the most-watched program in 94 countries.  So I am sure you have seen the show.  But have you experienced it?

Well, it’s time to truly experience it in real life with a truly immersive experience.  That’s what you get with Squid Game: The Trials Live Experience.  It was created by the same team who created events like Bridgerton’s Queen’s Ball and Netflix Bites.

And it is currently in Los Angeles, California.  It will be there through January 31, 2024.  And there is so much to do there, including live-action games, shopping, food, drinks, and more.  We’re going to go into this in detail – and then tell you how to save money on your ticket.

Live Action Games

There are six live action games, including:

Red Light Green Light

One of the live-action games available is in fact the eponymous game from the television show Squid Game.  Yes, Young-hee has come to Los Angeles to catch players in action.  And of course, dismiss players from the game.

Memory Steps

Remember the Glass Bridge from the screen?  Well, this version doesn’t send you down screaming in terror.  But you will be challenged to memorize the steps to keep crossing along with your group, or you could get eliminated.  You can play as a contestant or don a VIP mask if you purchase a VIP ticket (more about that later).

The Front Man will be watching your every move with advanced technology, and there’s a custom real-time scoring mechanic and innovative leaderboard to show you who is on top and who’s willing to betray their fellow players.

Night Market

Enjoy authentic and Korean-inspired menu items at the Night Market.  The menu was created by Chef Kat Hong from the award-winning Los Angeles restaurant, YANGBAN.

Some of the foods you could enjoy include:

  • Celebration Noodles
  • Bibimbap
  • Tteokbokki
  • Instant Ramyun
  • Kalbi Skewers

You can also see if you can come out a winner at the Night Market Arcade!

There are also great photo opportunities at the night market, too, like the colored staircase.  Or you can step inside a photo booth with a variety of iconic backgrounds.

Gganbu Bar

Indulge in Squid-inspired soju-infused cocktails with boba tea and pandan at the Gganbu Bar.  Mocktail versions are also available.


There are also great shopping opportunities at Squid Game: The Trials Live Experience.  It’s a great chance to pick up Squid Games merch.  Some of the items available are exclusive just to Squid Game: The Trials.

Age Requirement

Please note that there are physical elements to this experience and as such, no child under the age of 13 years old is allowed into the experience.

Coupon Code

So I’m sure you’d love to Squid Game: The Trials Live Experience – The Ultimate World of Squid Game, and do so at a discounted price.  You’d love a coupon, but I have something better: an automatic coupon.  These are great because you don’t have to bother entering a coupon code or promo code.

You can find an automatic coupon that saves you up to 26% on the price of a ticket here.  There are discounted general admission and VIP tickets available.

VIP tickets get you, in addition to access to play the games:

  • VIP Mask
  • Fast-Track Access to the Night Market
  • Post-game access to VIP Lounge
  • Pictures from the Photo Booth in the VIP Lounge
  • Exclusive Cocktail or Mocktail
  • Preferred parking
  • Coat & bag check