Coupon, promo code for Wake Island Waterpark in Roseville, California

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Did you know that the West Coast’s largest waterpark resort is in the Sacramento, California area?  Yes, everyone in the Sacramento/Roseville area has a great place to visit this summer when the temperatures get hot.  And that is Wake Island Waterpark in Pleasant Grove!

Wake Island really is a great place to visit with lots of fun water-based (and a few non-water based) activities adults and children can enjoy.  I want to tell you about some of these activities.  And then I’ll tell you how you can save money on a ticket!

Wakeboard Park

Cable wakeboarding has taken Europe by storm, and now America has gotten swept up in the crave of this fun watersport.  Rather than being pulled by a boat, cables pull riders around the lake.


So you know how I mentioned that Wake Island was the West Coast’s largest waterpark resort?  Well, here is another superlative that I think is even more impressive.  Wake Island is also home to North America’s largest floating aqua park!  It is a state-of-the-art “floating playground”.  Adults and kids have fun on this obstacle course over water.

Ninja Race Course

Race your friends or family is this floating ninja race course.  There are three levels of difficulty available.

Stand Up Paddleboards

You can also enjoy stand up paddleboarding here!  And while they may be called stand up paddleboards, a lot of guests like to lie on them and relax!  You could even try yoga on them!

Hamster Wheels

Ever watched a hamster run around a wheel and thought, that looks like fun?  Well, now is your chance to try it only in a much larger floating hamster wheel over water!


Okay, so I am not done with the superlatives.  Wake Island also has California’s largest zipline over water!  This is not only thrilling, but it gives you wonderful views of the waterpark!


Wake Island also has two swimming areas surrounded by sandy beaches.  It is free to anyone who has purchased an activity at the park or for children under 48″ tall.  It is a great place to relax and swim.

By the way, you can purchase food and drinks but you can’t bring in outside food and drinks.  You are also allowed to bring beach chairs, tables, umbrellas, and flotation devices.  This is of course provided they are standard size (as in they can fit through a normal house door).

Discount Code

Looking for a discount code for Wake Island Waterpark?  How about I save you some time and hassle and I give you an automatic discount instead?

You can find this automatic coupon here.  You can save up to 25%, with no discount code or promo code needed.

The ticket options that are currently discounted include:

  • Single Session Combo Ticket
  • Double Session Combo Ticket
  • Wakeboard Lesson
  • Two-Hour Slow Speed Pass


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