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Antarctica Trips

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the entire world?  Well, that world includes Antarctica, and you should explore it!

And now is the perfect time to start planning your trip to Antarctica.  Because it just so happens that there are plenty of amazing Antarctica trips by Intrepid Travel, a worldwide leader in responsible travel.

And as I said, now is the time to book these trips.  That is because you can save up to 25% off right now on 2021 & 2022 Antarctica trips.

Here are some of the standout trips you can enjoy.

11 Day Best of Antarctica Trip

This is an extended, 11-day version of Intrepid Travel’s classic Antarctica cruise.

You’ll start at Ushuaia, Argentina.  This is the world’s southernmost city, and it is a wonderful opportunity to explore this city.  You’ll stay in a hotel the first night there, and that is included in the package.

Then you embark on your cruise on the Ocean Endeavour ship.  You’ll cruise down the Beagle Channel and cross the Drake Passage on your way to Antarctica.  You’ll also learn about Antarctica’s history, geology, and biology from experts during this part of cruise.

And then you get four amazing, unforgettable days of exploring the Antarctic Peninsula.  Explore ice-filled bays and channels and see amazing wildlife.  You then cruise back to Ushuaia.

11 Day Antarctic Whale Journey

Follow whales as they migrate south for the winter during this 11 day Antarctic Whale Journey.  The 11 days gives you a better chance of seeing orcas, minke, and humpback whales.  You could also see amazing penguins!  And the onboard polar experts will help you make sense of it all.  There are also great wellness services onboard that make your trip even better.

14 Day Journey to the Antarctic Circle

This trip also starts at Tierra del Fuego, a.k.a “the End of the World”, a.k.a Ushuaia, Argentina.  During your cruise along the Drake Passage towards Antarctica you could see dolphins, whales, or seabirds.  When you get to Antarctica, you’ll take a Zodiac ride through the icy waters.  Weather actually dictates where exactly you land in Antarctica, but it could be a great spot like Neko Harbour, Petermann Island, or Port Lockroy.  You usually have two excursions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with lunch on the ship in-between your excursions.  Weather permitting, you’ll also visit the Antarctic Circle.  You’ll also head by the Antarctica Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands on the trip back north.

21 Day Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Odyssey

If you really love exploring, then you will love the 21-day expedition where you go to not only Antarctica but South Georgia and the Falklands as well.

And you get to visit a lot of great locations.  You’ll visit Elephant Island, the South Shelton ice-covered island where Sir Ernest Shackleton and his team were stranded in 1915.

You’ll visit South Georgia, which is one of the most remote and wild places on earth.  It has the nickname “Galapagos of the South” because of the amazing wildlife there.  The glaciers and mountains are incredible, too.

You get to explore both of the main Falkland Islands: East Falkland and West Falkland.  A cool thing about this part of the trip is you should see at least three species of penguin and two endemic bird species (Cobb’s wren and the flightless steamer duck).

You’ll end the excursion at Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

11 Day Best of Antarctica from Punta Arenas

This trip starts from the southern shores of Puntas Arenas in Chile.  You’ll then take the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula, where you’ll take one of the cruise’s Zodiac boats to a shore excursion.  Then you’ll travel further south across the Bransfield Strait to continental Antarctica.  Depending on the weather, you could enjoy snowshoeing, kayaking, and camping adventures.  And of course, you can enjoy the wildlife!  Possible landing spots could include Neko Harbour, Orne Harbour, Skontorp Cove, and a working science base!

Your ship, Ocean Endeavour, will then track north towards Cape Horn.  And then you’ll end the 11-day tour in Ushuaia, Argentina.

14 Day Antarctic Eclipse

Why don’t you combine exploring Antarctica with a solar eclipse?  You’ll get to see a rare solar eclipse on this tour in one of the best locations in the world.  You see, your cruise ship travels into what’s called the zone of 100% obscuration.  That is a specific region of coordinates which allow the eclipse to last the longest possible time.  You get to go on deck and see the eclipse in the most amazing way possible through specialised goggles that are provided to you on the cruise.

And to make trip even better, it includes a special guest: John Mason MBE.  He’s been actively involved in science for the last 40 years and is an all-round astrophysics, space exploration and geophysics expert.  Expert photographers will also be there to help capture this special moment.  This is an amazing experience you will never forget, along with your already unforgettable trip o Antarctica.

11 Day World Wildlife Fund Giants of Antarctica

This is an amazing trip provided by Intrepid Travel and the World Wildlife Fund.  It is the perfect trip for any animal lover.  You get to see amazing animals like whales, leopard seals, and penguins during the day.  And at night, you get to enjoy an interesting lecture program!  WWF-Australia scientists join the tour and they will share insights into whale conservation with you as they conduct cutting-edge research on whales.