Smiling fisherman in Alaska holds up nice silver salmon. Find out how to save money fishing there

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Sport Fishing On Kenai Peninsula In Alaska

Are you looking for the fishing adventure of a lifetime?  Peninsula Sportfishing can make that happen for you.

Peninsula Sportfishing owner Jared Linquist has 20+ years fishing in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula’s lakes and rivers.  Let Jared share his local knowledge and teach you techniques for fishing in Alaskan waters and catch salmon.

In the Kenai Peninsula, you’ll be fishing for 

King Salmon

They’re the largest salmon and the toughest to catch.  The average size of King Salmon now is 20-40 pounds but each year a few 70+ pound salmon are caught.

Sockeye/Red Salmon

Red salmon give a great fight and are a lot of fun.  They average between 5-12 pounds.

Pink/Humpty Salmon

They are a lot of fun to catch and average 6-12 pounds.  Enjoy them smoked or cook them on the grill.

Coho/Silver Salmon

They are the most aggressive salmon and dare known for their acrobatic abilities.  Coho range from 6-29 pounds.

Rainbow Trout

World-class trout fishing can be had on the Kenai Peninsula.  They usually weigh 5-8 pounds but can get up to 15 pounds or more.

Dolly Varden

They are part of the Char family and make for an exciting catch.


You can fish on either the famous Kenai River or the slightly smaller Kasilof River.

On the Kenai River, you’ll fish out of a brand new 20’ Aluminum Super Vee which is perfect for fishing the shallow soft waters.

The Kasilof River is drift only.  You’ll fish out of a 20’ Willie drift boat.

These boats are both very stable, safe to fish from and seat 4 people.  Each boat is equipped with all the USCG safety equipment to ensure a safe day on the water.

You’ll be taken to the secret spots that only locals know about.  There is never a day that Jared cannot find fish.

This is also a magnificent Alaskan sightseeing experience.  Enjoy the majestic beauty of the riverside.  Take in all the sights and sounds of native flora and fauna.

Peninsula Sportfishing will supply all fishing gear, waders if needed and fish cleaning.  They’ll take care of all the details for you so all you’ll have to do is show up, catch fish and have fun!  This is one fishing adventure you’ll never forget!


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