Chocolate cake available at Seafire Grill at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

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Seafire Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

Planning out a trip to SeaWorld Orlando?  Checking out the dining options at the theme park?  Then I definitely suggest checking out Seafire Grill!

Seafire Grill at SeaWorld Orlando is a quick service restaurant that's part of the the all day dining plan

Indoor Dining

Seafire Grill at SeaWorld Orlando theme park has indoor seating

Seafire Grill is a great restaurant.  There are a lot of reasons to like it but honestly, my favorite is that it is indoors.  This matters a lot, depending on the weather.  Orlando, Florida can get incredibly hot and when it does, you’ll appreciate eating a meal in the air-conditioned indoors (by the way, if you’re looking for other ways to stay cool on a hot day at SeaWorld, check out our tips).  I’ve also been to Orlando in January when it’s gotten cold.  So eating indoors can be a really great part of your day.

All Day Dining Deal

Sometimes, eating inside though means you have to pay for an expensive table service restaurant.  But that is luckily not the case with Seafire Grill.  Seafire Grill is part of SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining Deal.  The All Day Dining Deal means that you can visit a participating restaurant once every hour and get an entree, drink & side or dessert.  And it is all included in the price of the dining deal.  Adding the all day dining deal to your SeaWorld ticket doesn’t even cost that much extra.  So it’s kind of a no brainer, especially since Seafire Grill is included!  Another restaurant included we recommend is Waterway Grill.


Flamecraft Bar serving craft beer is next door to Seafire Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

Another reason I like Seafire Grill is its location.  Its located towards the front of the park, which makes it convenient if say you have dinner there before you leave.  But an even better reason to like its location is that it’s right next door to Flamecraft Bar.  Flamecraft Bar has house wines and 16 featured craft beers.  So you’re going to definitely want to check that out.

Restaurant Hours

Seafire Grill often has the best hours of any restaurant at SeaWorld.  It is often open later than other restaurants.  This is good when you’re trying to take advantage of the all-day dining deal and get as many meals out of it as possible!  Seafire Grill is even open for breakfast, too.  They’ve had special breakfasts here.

Enjoy a breakfast with Elmo & Friends at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

Like Breakfast with Elmo & Friends in the summer

Seafire Grill in SeaWorld theme park in Orlando Florida has Halloween themed Sesame Street character meals

Or Count Von Count’s Spooktacular Breakfast in the fall.


There are a lot of great entrees at Seafire Grill.  They are all chicken-based.  We’re talking chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, chicken wraps, chicken tenders…you get the idea.

Seafire Grill at SeaWorld Orlando sells delicious chicken sandwiches.

A picture of the chicken tenders available at Seafire Grill at SeaWorld Orlando

We found the chicken to be quite delicious.  Very spicy though – good thing there’s a nearby bar selling drinks!  Great excuse to stop by there!


So now on to my favorite part of a meal: the dessert!  Take back what I said about the restaurant being indoors; the desserts are my favorite part!

Chocolate cake available at Seafire Grill at SeaWorld theme park in Orlando, Florida

Trust me, this chocolate cake was as delicious as it looked!

A piece of cheesecake is one of the desserts you can eat as part of SeaWorld Orlando's all day dining plan

So was this cheesecake!


Seafire Grill is a great choice for a restaurant at SeaWorld Orlando.  And in order to save money, we suggest you buy a ticket with an all-day dining deal option before your trip.  Buying online is the best way to save money.  And you will be very happy with your meal at Seafire Grill!