Discount tickets to Magical Winter Lights a Chinese lantern festival in Houston Texas

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Magical Winter Lights

They say everything is bigger than Texas.  So it is only fitting that one of the biggest, best lantern festivals is taking place in Houston, Texas!  Magical Winter Lights will be taking place from November 15, 2019, through January 5, 2020.  It includes 100 themed sets, nightly live performances, rides and more.  Today, we will go over all the great attractions and tell you how you can save money on admission.

Lantern Attractions

This is a lantern festival, so there are lots of beautiful lantern displays.  There are even different sections with amazing themes.

The Village

The Village is where you’ll find beautifully lit Christmas tree lanterns.  The area is inspired by the Christmas town squares you would find in a lot of European towns.

The East

This section of the festival does a great job of representing different Asian cultures.  You will walk through a hanging lantern walkway and visits sites of an ancient Asian village.


Magical Winter Lights pays tribute to its host city in the Houston section!  Houston is considered one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America and you will see what makes Houston special in this section.  There is also a Space Center part of this section!  There you will get to enjoy the Space Maze, Space Wall and see UFOs!

The Globe

You’ll be able to see amazing sights from the rest of the world at The Globe section.  Lots of iconic travel destinations are represented in lantern attractions here.  This includes the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico, the Roman Colosseum in Italy, Big Ben in London, windmills in the Netherland, and Santorini in the Aegean Sea.

The Dino

Dinosaur remains were discovered more than 2,000 years ago in the Sichuan province of China.  You’ll learn about the history of dinosaurs in The Dino exhibit.  You will also see beautiful life-size prehistoric dinosaurs in this section.

The Sea

The mysteries of the ocean are on full display at The Sea.  You will see colorful sealife like giant jellyfish and coral.  You can see a mermaid at a grotto.  And you will see how it would feel to be eaten by a shark in the interactive shark mouth picture frame!  That’s a picture you’ll definitely want to put on social media.

The Ice

You’ll find the Ice Sisters and their beautiful ice castle at the Ice section.  You will also see icicles, canyons, snow trees, and penguins.

The Kingdom

The magic really begins at the Kingdom.  This is where you let your imagination come to life as you look at the cutting-edge lantern art.

Chinese Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts have been a part of Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years and the skills get passed down from generation to generation.  Now some of these Chinese artisans are coming to Houston to share their talent with you!  You will be able to meet them and take some of their creations home.  Here are some of the amazing skills that will be on display here:

Name Painting

Artisans use a specially made bamboo brush to create animals and bamboo for letters in these personalized paintings.

Sugar Painting

Sugar painting has been done in China for over 400 years.  This is where the artisan pours liquid sugar into marble to create flowers, animals, and more.  The sugar sculptures once cooled are not only beautiful but delicious as well!

Trendy Cotton Candy

Colorful sugars are used here to create beautiful designs of animals and flowers.

Inside Painting

This is where an artisan uses a special hook brush to create “snuff bottles”, which were used in the Qing Dynasty in ancient China.

Finger Painting

These artisans create art using just their fingers and palms (and no paintbrush!).


Embroidery is one of China’s oldest cultural arts.  Chinese artisans embroider people, animals, landscapes, flowers and more with silk threads.

Cultural Performance

MWL Chinese Acrobatic Show

There are two different acrobatic shows every night of this festival.  You will be able to see an amazing display of both talent and artistry.  Admission to this show is included in your ticket.

Carnival Rides & Games

As if the lanterns weren’t enough, carnival rides and games are available here!  This includes a Flying Dumbo ride and an 87-foot tall gondola Ferris Wheel.  Please note that admission to the rides and games are not included in your regular admission.

Character Experiences

Ice Sisters

Remember how I mentioned the Ice Sisters before?  Well, you are able to meet them at this event!

Santa & Mrs. Claus

You can get you or your child’s picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus at this event.  This is even included in the cost of your admission!


Looking to save money on your ticket?  Click here and you can save.  This ticket includes admission into the lantern displays, acrobatic performances and your photo with Santa & Mrs. Claus.