Discounted Ticket or Package at Santa's Speedway Christmas Lights Drive-Thru in Irwindale, CA

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Santa’s Speedway Christmas Lights Drive-Thru

Looking for a safe way to get in the Christmas spirit this holiday season in Los Angeles, California?  Then hop in your car and head to the Santa’s Speedway Christmas Lights Drive-Thru.  This holiday event runs from December 1, 2020, through January 10, 2021.

It is a safe way to enjoy Christmas because you won’t even have to leave your car!  No worrying about social distancing in crowds.  You can keep your family safe while still getting a wonderful Christmas experience that isn’t in your house.

It takes place at the Irwindale Speedway at 500 Speedway Drive in Irwindale, Calfornia.  You get to drive through the same speedway you may have seen cars speed around during a NASCAR race before.  But you won’t be speeding.  Instead, you will be driving through enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights.

And this event has a lot of holiday lights!  There are actually over a million Christmas lights on display!  It is one of the best Christmas events you can attend in Southern California.  Here are some of the highlights of this holiday event.

Christmas Tree of Lights

The best part of this event would have to be the Christmas Tree of lights, which towers over 110 feet.  That’s actually record-setting!

Santa’s Village

Watch the elves hard at work inside the cottages, preparing for a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Sweets

The Christmas Sweets section consists of gigantic holiday treats!  You’ll see trees made of candy and ice cream trucks.  And then of course there is the oversized holiday candy.  The best part just may be the twenty feet tall, illuminated lollipops!

Christmas Under the Sea

There is also a section of Santa’s Speedway Christmas Lights themed to our beautiful oceans!  Enjoy seven hundred feet of Christmas lights depicting the ocean with nautical-themed décor.

Camping Christmas Land

There is also a Camping Land part of Santa’s Speedway Christmas Lights.  Your family will enjoy seeing an all-American campground that is decorated for the holidays.


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There are two different ticket options.  One is for General-Admission for one Vehicle and up to eight people per car.

But you can also buy a Holiday Spirit Pack for One Vehicle.  This is also available for up to eight people per car.  But in addition to admission, you also get an “Instant replay” pass.  That allows you to get back in line and enjoy the experience all over again!  The Holiday Spirit Pack also gets you a free Santa’s Speedway Christmas keepsake!