Why book a stay at Christmas time at Yacht & beach Club at Disney World in Orlando FL

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Edited to Add: Be sure to check out the video & review of the Christmas decorations and Gingerbread Carousel in 2021!

Disney’s Beach & Yacht Club at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is an amazing place to stay any time of the year, but it is extra special around Christmas.  That’s when the special Gingerbread Carousel goes up in the lobby at the Beach Club. There’s so much attention to detail in this beautiful Carousel, and every year is unique.  Last year featured Donald & Daisy Duck.  You could buy a special pin with Donald Duck & Daisy Duck in festive holiday attire, and two of the horses at the carousel matched Donald & Daisy. The centerpiece horse even matched the pin, too!  And you could even get your pin signed by the chef!  And not to be outdone, the Yacht Club has a train in the lobby that you’re going to want to see.

And the special holiday festivities won’t just please your sense of sights; your sense of taste will also love the delicious holiday treats you can buy!  You can enjoy delicious sugar cookies, peppermint cookies, chocolate-covered Mickeys, gingerbread muffins (which are my favorite) and more. And that’s not all – there are even holiday cookies where you can paint your own and chocolate puzzles, so eating the treats won’t be the only fun part!

All of this will be up by this weekend, so now is the time to book your stay.  I have some tips here on how to save money at Disney’s Beach Club, and for savings at the Yacht Club, I suggest booking through Undercover Tourist.