A picture of the Classic Cheeseburger you can order at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

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My family adores the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  But as foodies, we can’t say that the parks (outside of Epcot) have the widest variety of dining options.

But all of that is different at Disney Springs.  Disney Springs is not a park at Disney World but an entertainment & shopping district at Disney World.  It has wonderful stores and of course restaurants.  

A neat thing about Disney Springs is that unlike the parks, it is completely free.  That means if you don’t want to bother adding an extra day to your park ticket during your trip, you could always visit Disney Springs before you leave or the day you get into Orlando.

But even if you have tickets to the park, it’s fun to come over to Disney Springs and eat at one of their restaurants during your trip.  My family already has a lot of favorites at Disney Springs we’ve talked about before, like T-Rex Cafe, Raglan Road, and Earl of Sandwich.

But during our last trip, we stayed part of the time over at Holiday Inn Orlando-Disney Springs Area.  This is a really convenient hotel if you want to visit Disney Springs because it is within walking distance of Disney Springs.

So on the day we checked out before we headed over to Swan Reserve, we walked over to lunch at Disney Springs.  And this time, we decided to try a new restaurant.  And that restaurant was D-Luxe Burger!

D-Luxe Burger

My family really likes burgers, so we thought this might be a good choice.  But it actually ended up exceeding my expectations.

So let me start at the beginning.  It has a great location.  No matter if you are walking to Disney Springs, taking a boat to Disney Springs, or taking a bus to Disney Springs, you’re pretty close to D-Luxe Burger.

Now, a number of restaurants at Disney Springs (and really around the Walt Disney World Resort) don’t have a lot of seating indoors.  I can’t say I care for that too much.  It’s often way too hot to sit outside and eat.  And on that particular day, it was raining.

But I was pleased to find out that D-Luxe Burger has plenty of seating.  You’ll see it right away when you walk in. 

The interior of D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida has plenty of seating

If you walk to the back of the restaurant, you’ll see even more seating there.

But let’s see it’s a nice day.  There is plenty of seating outdoors.  They also have some seating on the porch that is covered and there are fans.  So if you like being outdoors but want to stay cool, they have you covered.  And that’s great because the restaurant has a great location right near the water and it’s got great views.

D-Luxe Burger is the kind of restaurant where you go to the front and order your food.  By the way, French Fries are not included in the cost of your burger.  If you want some, you will have to order them separately.  Though you may not need fries, as these burgers are more filling than other burgers.

Anyway, after you order, you can grab a table and they’ll bring you your food.  We got an order of Fries for the table and then all ordered burgers.

Food Review

Disney Springs currently has a special menu for the holiday season.  We took advantage and ordered the Beef Wellington Burger.  

Beef Wellington burger with two patties, gruyere, prosciutto, and mushroom duxelles, from D-luxe Burger at Disney Springs

The Beef Wellington Burger is not the kind of burger you’ll get at just any burger place.  At least, I’ve never seen a burger like it (or maybe I just haven’t been going to the right places?).  At any rate, it consists of two signature-blend patties, gruyère cheese, mushroom duxelles, horseradish aioli, and crispy prosciutto on an herbed puff pastry bun.

It’s going to be at D-Luxe Burger until January 2, 2024 (and I hope longer), and if you’re there, we highly recommend it.  The meat was really good and the gruyère cheese was a great addition to it.  The tastes blended perfectly together.

Another we really liked on the regular menu was the Bacon and Blue Burger. 

A picture of the Black & Blue Burger, a menu item at D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

It has two signature-blend patties but with blue cheese, onion jam, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  And once again, it was so good!  The meat was great and blended well with the blue cheese.

One note about this burger: the onion jam is a bit spicy.  Which, if you like spicy, great!  But if you want your burger a bit milder, then consider holding the onion jam.

Another burger we liked was the Classic Cheeseburger. 

A picture of the Classic Cheeseburger you can order at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

It once again has two-pressed Signature-blend Patties but with Cheddar, 1921 Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, and Pickle.  Once again, the meat was great and hte burger was great (though we did hold the 1921 sauce so I can’t comment on that).

And one other note, the Fries are really good, too. 

A picture of a side order of French Fries at D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida

I was glad I came hungry so I could enjoy my burger and the fries!


D-Luxe Burger has a lot of great burger options.  You can get great burgers with different mix of cheeses, sauces and other condiments.  But no matter what you choose, we think you’ll love it because the meat itself is so great.

D-Luxe Burger is also conveniently located and has lots of seating inside and outside.  In short, it is just a great choice for a restaurant when you are visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.