A picture of Mickey Waffles my family ordered at the Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is one of my family’s favorite hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.  We love so many things about it.  There’s the rustic, outdoors feel.  There’s the beautiful architecture that’s a great nod to the Pacific Northwest and National Park lodges.  There’s the boat that takes you right to the Magic Kingdom.

And then there’s the dining.  The Wilderness Lodge has a wonderful selection of dining options.  It’s a really great mix of unique dining options.  And today, we’re going to tell you about these Wilderness Lodge restaurants.  We’ll tell you about our favorite…and our least favorite.

But before we begin, let me tell you that if you do want to stay at Wilderness Lodge, check out our tips for staying at Wilderness Lodge.  You can find out how to save a lot of money on a stay at Wilderness Lodge (we’re talking possibly hundreds of dollars!).

But back to the dining.

Geyser Point Bar and Grill

So I said I’d tell you about my favorite.  So I thought I would start with it.  And that is Geyser Point Bar and Grill.

Enjoy eating outdoors under shade and fans while looking at Bay Lake in Disney World at Geyser Point Bar & Grill

Geyser Point is one of the newer restaurants at the Wilderness Lodge, and personally, I think Disney hit it out of the park with this restaurant.  It is interesting I like it so much in a way because I normally don’t like outdoor restaurants.

But Geyser Point is an exception.  In part, that is because it fits the theming of the hotel so well.  For a hotel that embraces nature, an outdoor restaurant is just a perfect fit.

Plus, Wilderness Lodge is such a beautiful hotel outside.  And Geyser Point allows you to enjoy that beauty.  It’s right on the water.  And you get great views of Wilderness Lodge’s famous working geyser.

Geyser spouts water at Wilderness Lodge hotel in Orlando, FL

If you want the best views, you can sit at tables around the restaurant.  But if it is a hot day, you can also sit under the covered section.

Relax outside under covered patio at Geyser Point Bar & Grill at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando

There are fans going that can help cool you off, but you can still enjoy the water and the rest of the resort views.  Another added bonus of eating there?  They have lots of TVs so if you’re a sports fan and there’s a game on you want to watch, this is a great place to go.

But that’s actually not the main reason I love Geyser Point.  That would be the food.  Mainly one specific menu item you can’t get virtually anywhere at Disney World, and that would be the bison burger.

My family loved the bison burgers at Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort

I absolutely love their bison burgers.  They are so delicious!

For more information about the menu and other things about Geyser Point Bar and Grill, check out our Geyser Point Review.

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Now, Geyser Point is my favorite restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge.  But the Whispering Canyon Cafe would have to be my least favorite.  In fact, it’s not just my least favorite restaurant at Wilderness Lodge.  Eating there was actually my least favorite Disney World dining experience, period.

Which was unfortunate for a lot of reasons.  For one thing, I had been wanting to eat there because you can get a great view of the restaurant from the hotel’s lobby.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge's restaurant, Whispering Canyon Cafe, can be seen from the lobby

But another it was a shame it was a bad experience is that it’s not cheap to eat there.  It’s not the most expensive restaurant at Disney World but still, not the cheapest.

Though just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t.  So I should probably back up and explain the restaurant more.  It is a Western-themed restaurant and I will say the decor is amazing.

I love the Western theming of the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL

I love the artwork and decor at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney's WIlderness Lodge in Orlando, FL

I love the teepee and Native American artwork at Whispering Canyon Cafe, a restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge at Disney World

The food is actually good, too, especially the breakfast food options like the Belgian Waffle and the Ham and Cheese Omelette.

A picture of a Belgian-style waffle at Disney's Wilderness Lodge's Whispering Canyon Cafe in Orlando, Florida

A picture of the Ham and Cheese Omelette from the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL

So where did it go wrong with me?  Well, the servers have a reputation for, as they describe, “sassing customers”.  I can definitely see how that part of the restaurant is a lot of fun for people.  But not me.  I did not enjoy it at all.  I feel like you spend too much for a Disney World vacation to feel bad about yourself.

But I can definitely see the advantages of it.  So if it is appealing to you, I think you’ll like it.  Once again, the food is good and the decor and atmosphere is great.  And you get a great view of the lobby from the restaurant.

Whispering Canyon Cafe in Orlando, Florida has great views of Disney's Wilderness Lodge's grand lobby

But if you’re like me and don’t want the sassing experience, then you can get a lot of the same foods from other restaurants, such as a bison burger at Geyser Point or breakfast foods at the Roaring Fork, which I am talking about next.

Roaring Fork

Roaring Fork is a quick-service restaurant that is a lot like the traditional food court dining options at Disney hotels.  It has a great atmosphere and really fits the atmosphere of the resort.  I particularly like the fishing decor touches.

I love the fish pictures ont he walls at Roaring Fork at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida

I love the fishing decor at Roaring Fork at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, FL

A picture of inside the Roaring Fork of Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

There are tables inside, though not as many as you would find at say All Star Sports Resort’s End Zone Food Court.  But there are also plenty of seats outside.

This restaurant used to be one of my very favorites in all of the Walt Disney World Resort.  My family would sometimes take a boat to Wilderness Lodge just to eat here (plus we could use our refillable mug here even if we were staying at another hotel).  But sadly the menu has changed over the years and is not as unique.  A lot of our favorite options are off the menu.

But there are still some unique menu options you won’t find at other Disney hotel restaurants, such as the house-smoked BBQ.  And there’s some more traditional foods you’d expect which we like, such as the Cheeseburger.

A picture of a cheeseburger from Roaring Fork, Disney's Wilderness Lodge's quick service restaurant

They also have some good options for breakfast, too, such as the Mickey Waffles which I like with breakfast potatoes.

A picture of Mickey Waffles my family ordered at the Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

You can get Scrambled Eggs, Potato Hash, Bacon, Sausage, and a Cheddar Biscuit with the Roaring Breakfast Platter and the Egg and Cheese Croissant is good, too.

A picture of the Roaring Breakfast Platter a menu item at Wilderness Lodge's Roaring Fork restaurant at Disney World in Orlando, Florida

A picture of the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissant from the Roaring Fork at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, FL

Roaring Fork also has a lot of good gran-n-go options, which you can take back to your room (especially if you are in a two-bedroom villa like we were in last time we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, because you’ll have a full kitchen).  They have great snacks and desserts, too, like muffins and cupcakes.

A picture of muffins from Roaring Fork, a quick service eatery at Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL

A picture of a S'mores-themed cupcake sold at Roaring Fork at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Story Book Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

A picture of outside Artist Point where you can enjoy Story Book Dining with Snow White at the Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL

Now, quick service is the most affordable option when dining at Disney World.  But if you want a classic Disney World dining experience, you may want to pay more and splurge on a Disney character dining experience.  And you can get that right at your hotel when you stay at the Wilderness Lodge over at Artist Point.  There, you can enjoy Story Book Dining with beloved Disney characters from the classic movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, such as Snow White herself or Dopey.

Now, this experience won’t come cheap.  It’s a prix fixe menu dinner experience that costs $65 per adult and $39 per child.  But you get to pick your entree from dishes like Royal Prime Rib Roast, “Cottage” Beef Stroganoff, Bashful’s Sustainable Fish, or the vegetarian dish A Stroll through Nature, plus it comes with shared appetizers and desserts.  So while you pay more, it does come with plenty of food.  And once again, it is one of those experiences you’ll never forget.

Territory Lounge

Sometimes after a day at the parks, you just want to relax with a good drink, right?  You can do just that at Territory Lounge.
A picture of Territory Lounge, a bar/lounge at the Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida
The Territory Lounge is a bar/lounge serving craft beers and regional wines from the Pacific Northwest.  They also serve special cocktails like The Northwoods, Orange-Spiced Sangria, and Timeless Elias.  You can also get some shareable food like the Loaded Baked Potato Flatbread or the Salmon Flatbread.