Cape May Cafe at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FLorida has delicious breakfast items like Mickey waffles

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I’ve stayed at the Beach Club multiple times.  It’s one of my family’s favorite Disney hotels; we tell you why we love it so much here.

I’ve walked by the Cape May Cafe many times, but have never eaten there.  I was always intrigued by their character breakfast.  I love breakfast, and of course, I love Disney characters.

But 2021 means things are a bit different than they were in the past.  And they no longer have a Disney character buffet breakfast.

But they do, however, still have a buffet breakfast.  My family decided to try it last time we were at Disney World.  And we loved it!  We think it’s even better than the Disney character option!  We’ll go through what happened during our breakfast.  And then we’ll tell you why we like this breakfast better than a Disney character breakfast.

When You Arrive

We went ahead and made a reservation for our breakfast on the My Disney Experience app before we went.  We then sat in the lobby and checked in about ten minutes or so before our reservation time.  They texted us when our table was ready.  This was a really convenient way to wait for our table to be ready because the lobby at the Beach Club is really big and there are really comfortable chairs and sofas.

When it was time to arrive, we were greeted by our waitress.  She grabbed a basket of bread and pastries from the front of the restaurant and brought it to our table.  All of the tables were socially distanced and it wasn’t too crowded.

The buffet breakfast & brunch at Cape May Cafe at the Walt Disney World Resort starts with pastries

Cape May Cafe at the Yacht & Beach Club at Disney World has bread on the tables

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Cape May Cafe Food Review

The bread and pastries were really delicious and served as a nice beginning to the breakfast.

The butter was great here, too.  It was already soft when it came to our table and it was easy to spread.

I ordered a drink, and I really like the paper straws the drinks had.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida has paper straws

You have the option to order an item, like a Western Omelette, a Ham & Cheese Omelette, etc.  Or you can just wait for the food they bring out.

There are basically two rounds of food.  The first round of food includes yogurt parfait, granola, and fruit.

Cape May Cafe at Beach Club's breakfast buffet includes fruit

Cape May Cafe at Beach Club in Walt Disney World has a breakfast buffet with yogurt parfait

My family found the yogurt parfait particularly delicious.  The strawberries and blueberries in it was really good.

The next course of breakfast, though, was my favorite part.  It included Mickey waffles, French toast, eggs, sausage, tater tots, beef pancakes, and beef hash.

Cape May Cafe at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FLorida has delicious breakfast items like Mickey waffles

Beef hash, eggs, tater tots, and sausage are on the menu at Cape May Cafe at the Walt Disney World Resort

Now, starting with the negatives.  The bacon was good, but not great.  The bacon at the breakfast at Ale & Compass was better.  And we found the beef hash to be a bit too spicy.

But the rest of the food was great!  The Mickey Waffles, pancakes, and French toast were all so good.  Soft, too.  The pancakes were sweet and light.  The eggs were also delicious.

But what ended up being my favorite food at the whole breakfast was the tater tots.  They were some of the best tater tots I have ever had!  Now, I am an extreme breakfast person and I figured my favorite part of the breakfast would probably be more eggs, pancakes, French Toast, waffles, or bacon.  But the tater tots were the best.

We ended up asking for more tater tots.  Because a great thing about this all-you-can-eat buffet is that you can ask for specific menu items that you want more of.  So your family can find your favorite parts of the breakfast and then just keep eating that!

Cape May Cafe Decor

In addition to the food, another thing we liked about our breakfast was the beautiful decor of the restaurant.  Everything gave it a wonderful beachy feel.  We loved the pictures of beach goers at the Jersey Shore from yesteryear.

Cape May Cafe at Beach Club in Disney World has a great New Jersey beach theme

Cape May Cafe at Disney's Beach Club has great beach-themed paintings and artwork

We also loved other beach decor, like fish, starfish, lighthouses, shells, etc.

Cape May Cafe at the Yacht & Beach Club in Disney World has great ocean & beach decor

And I loved the croquet mallets.  It really gave the restaurant a wonderful vacationing feel.

Cape May Cafe in Orlando, Florida has great decorations like croquet sets

Why We Prefer the New Breakfast Buffet

So, obviously seeing Disney characters was a huge draw to the breakfast buffet.  And if you’ve been to character breakfasts before and that was by far your favorite part, then you might want to bypass this breakfast buffet.

But here are some reasons my family liked it better.  Let’s start with the price.  It’s $25 per adult and $15 per child.  That’s a lot cheaper than character breakfasts used to be, when you could pay $60 for an adult.

And I also prefer how now you don’t have to serve yourself.  The waitress or waiter will serve you the food rather than having to stand in line at a buffet.  You’re able to just sit back, relax, enjoy your food and the company of your family.

Our Recommendation

So if you find yourself staying at the Beach Club or one of the nearby hotels (Swan, Dolphin, Yacht Club, and Boardwalk), we recommend it.

You can also enjoy coming here for brunch if you are not staying at a nearby hotel.  It works well especially if you have a park hopper pass, which you can get at a discounted rate here.  You can go to a park in the morning.  Then you can take a bus back to the Beach Club.  You can have your brunch, and then when you’re done you can take a bus to Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom.  Or you can walk or take a boat to Epcot or Hollywood Studios.  Depending on how you time your trip, you can get there at 2:00 in time to park hop!