Walt Disney World Two Bedroom Villas: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Are you planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida?  You may be thinking about staying onsite.  Staying onsite at the Walt Disney World Resort has a lot of advantages.  We talk about the advantages of staying at a Disney World hotel here.

But today I want to talk about one specific Disney World hotel room option.  This is a two-bedroom villa.  This is an option that some may think you can book only if you are a member of the Disney Vacation Club.  But this is actually not true.  Anyone can book this room type.  We talk about how to book one of these rooms here.

But before you book a two-bedroom villas, you may wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of staying at this room type are.  So today, we’ll go over that.  Some of these may seem obvious.  Some of these are not so obvious.  But after reading this blog entry, you should get a better idea of whether or not you should book one of these accommodation choices for your upcoming vacation.


Maximum Guests

Take, for example, Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  A studio at Saratoga Springs has a maximum of five guests.  But a two-bedroom villa has a maximum of nine adults.

This is really great if you have a lot of kids.  Or if this is a multi-generational trip with grandparents and you all want to stay in the same place.  Staying in the suite versus booking multiple rooms can be a great way to make your family vacation feel more together.


Another advantage of this room option is the number of beds.  There are some studio villas at Disney World that only have one actual standalone bed and the other bed option is a sleeper sofa.

But you get multiple beds if you stay at a two-bedroom villa.

A picture of a king bed in a master bedroom at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida

A picture of queen beds at Disney's Wilderness Lodge's two-bedroom villas at Copper Creek

For example, you can book a two-bedroom villa at the Wilderness Lodge with one king bed in one room, two queen beds in the second room, and a queen-size sleeper sofa in the living room.  I don’t know about you, but when I get home at the end of the day, I want to sleep in an actual bed.


One thing that I find annoying on vacation is having to share one bathroom with the whole family.  This can make getting ready in the morning take a lot more time.  This means you may have to get up earlier, cutting into your sleep time.  It’s also a huge pain when more than one person has to go to the bathroom.

But these problems go away when your guest room has more than one bathroom.  All the two-bedroom villas at Disney World have at least two bathrooms.

A picture of the bathroom off the master bedroom at a Copper Creek two-bedroom villa at Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida

The Copper Creek two bedroom villas at Wilderness Lodge have a master bathroom with a bath tub

A picture of the second bedroom with two queen beds and its own bathroom at a two-bedroom villa at Wilderness Lodge in Disney World in Orlando, FL

I say at least because there are two Disney hotel options that have three-bathroom villas: Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas.  So if you value bathroom privacy, I suggest booking a stay at one of these hotels!

Luggage Space

Another added bonus of all this space?  No tripping over anyone’s luggage in the middle of the night!  There is always room for your stuff even if you have a tendency to overpack like someone I won’t name (okay, fine.  It’s me.  Happy?).


Another added bonus of all this space is the privacy.  Let’s just say not all adults want to share a bedroom with their kids.  But you won’t have to with this two-bedroom option.

Full Kitchen, Tables & Chairs

Two-bedroom villas have full kitchens and a table and chairs.

A picture of the kitchen area of a one-bedroom villa at Disney's Beach Club at Disney World

I like how two-bedroom villas at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida have a table and chairs so you can eat your meal in your room & save money by cooking meals.

This is better than studio villas which have a kitchen, but not great options to sit and have your meal.

Having the full kitchen really gives you a lot of great dining options.  It can save you a ton of money.  Dining at Disney World can get very expensive.  One way around it is to cook your meals.  You’ll have the full kitchen and seats, so you can still sit around the table and enjoy each other’s company.  Even if you don’t want to take the time (or effort) to cook, you can bring microwave meals from home.

Cooking is also great if anyone in your family has allergies or is on a specific diet.  It will give you more control over what you eat.

Living Area For Evening Relaxation

Most hotel rooms don’t have an area with a sofa and multiple chairs where you can sit and relax.  But that is not the case at a two-bedroom villa at Disney World.  The living area is great when you want to sit around and have family time.

A picture of the kitchen & living room in a one-bedroom villa at Disney's Beach Club in Orlando, Florida

A picture of a sofa in a two-bedroom villa guest room at Wilderness Lodge at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL

You can talk or play a game.  You could watch a TV show, movie, sports, etc.  It’s a nice way to relax at the end of the time while enjoying quality time with your family.  But then you can retire for the night in a separate bedroom whenever you are tired.



So here is one disadvantage that you probably saw coming.  It should probably come as no surprise that a two-bedroom villa costs more than a standard guest room at Disney World.

But here is one way to make staying here more affordable.  First of all, you can take advantage of eating in your kitchen.

But another way is to follow these steps when booking your stay.  We stayed in a two-bedroom villa at the Wilderness Lodge a few months ago and it was actually cheaper than a lot of standard guest rooms.

Now, how could that be, you may be wondering.  Well, that is because we weren’t booking directly through Disney.  We were booking through a Disney Vacation Club Rental website where a Disney Vacation Club member essentially resold their already booked stay to us at a steap discount.  There aren’t always as good of deals as that, but you can find them and they can make your Walt Disney World trip so much more affordable.


Okay, so you might be confused why this is showing up as a disadvantage.  You might be thinking, you already mentioned this as a positive.

But this could also be a negative depending on your perspective.  If you are planning this trip because you want quality time with your family, booking a two-bedroom stay could end up being a situation where you see less of your kids than in a studio villa or standard guest room.


So as you can see, the advantages of staying in a two-bedroom villa outweigh the negatives.  If you can afford it, I think you’ll love it.  But if you want to save some money and have your family all in one room, booking a deluxe studio here is a great option.