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Welcome to the town of Bravado!  It looks and feels like the 19th century.  There’s a sheriff, cowboys, town folks and lots of action.  There’s always a live band, DJ or karaoke in the main saloon.

The town also has a movie theater that plays classic horror movies and an occult museum.  There are games, including cornhole, beer pong, pool, giant jenga, darts and more.

There are two restaurants and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.  Food trucks will be there on select nights.  There’s a candy shop, a Halloween merchandise shop and more.

And there’s the Terror Trail….

Terror Trail

Cultists came to Bravado.  They tortured and coerced and either killed or turned many people into evil creatures.  The group that saved the town was the coven of witches of Long Hill.  So the towns people made a deal with the witches and they got rid of the cultists.  But can the witches really be trusted?  Or have the townsfolk given themselves up to a devil worse than the cultists?  And what about the creatures the cultists left behind?  Those monsters only want to corrupt your soul and want to add it to their collection.        

The trail will take 25 to 35 minutes, depending on the decisions you make on the trail.  

Your journey into terror begins with a long dark walk.  Intense costumed actors will be portraying monsters from your worst nightmares.  They’re in the woods and they’re waiting for you….

The haunted trail can be very intense and it is not recommended for kids under the age of 16.  The trail is outdoors and can get dusty or muddy.  Don’t wear anything you’d be upset getting dirty.

Your price of admission will cover almost everything.  It covers the haunted trail, your visits to shops and vendors and enjoying live music.  There is an additional charge to play the higher end games and for food, drinks and merchandise purchases.   

Live Music

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, the Black Violets will play at the saloon.

On Saturday, November 4, 2023, the Sons of Liberty will play rock and country rock at the saloon.


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