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Hallows End has taken over Hawk City on Staten Island.  Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of Staten Island’s scariest haunting attraction.

Hallows Ends Hours

  • Fridays – 7:30 pm to Midnight
  • Saturdays – 7:30 pm to Midnight
  • Sundays – 7:30 pm to 11 pm

It will run through October 30, 2023.

Haunted Attractions

Hallows End has three terrifying haunted attractions.

Witches Coven – The Haunting of the Manor

The Blackthorn Witches Coven, led by the sinister Angela Blackthorn, practiced black magic and conjured up malevolent spirits.  The coven terrorized a nearby village that engaged them in a battle.  The villagers won, trapping the coven in a pocket of time and space.

The Manor existed in a haunted dimension, accessible only on the eve of Halloween when the boundary between the living and the dead is the thinnest.

The Manor appeared outside the village, beckoning the brave and curious to enter.  Those who walk inside will feel the wrath of the coven.  The vengeful witches will stop at nothing to break free from their eternal prison.  The boundary between reality and the supernatural blur on Halloween.  Can you escape the clutches of the witches and the horrors lurking within the cursed manor?  Are you brave enough to try?

Total Darkness – Journey Through The Abyss

The remote town of Hollowbrook has a labyrinth known as “The Abyss” built to be an underground storage facility.  It was abandoned because of mysterious accidents and weird phenomena.

Decades later, the Hollowbrook Historical Society decided to open it as a Halloween attraction known as “Total Darkness.”

During one night, a massive blackout hit Hollowbrook.  Those in the tunnels reported experiencing intense sensory distortions, hallucinations and phantom hands brushing against their skin.  The Society added that to their attraction.  When completed, The Abyss had an unsettling atmosphere, narrow passages, hidden chambers and a system of pitch black tunnels with no source of light. 

You step into the labyrinth and you’re engulfed by impenetrable darkness.  Whispers seem to echo from somewhere.  You’ll have to rely on your instincts, courage and maybe your friends to navigate the totally dark passages.  Those forever trapped there will reach out to the living, wanting to share their torment.  

Can you enter a realm where darkness reigns supreme?  Those courageous enough to cross the threshold may never return.

Freak Show – A Twisted Carnival of Nightmares

Zephyr the clown was said to have been cursed.  He’s the head of Carnival Delirium and a group of misfit clowns known as “The Freak Show.”  Carnival Delirium attracted unconventional performers.  The clowns could manipulate reality and create mesmerizing illusions.  Zephyr created an other worldly 3D maze.

The Freak Show transports you into a twisted 3D maze where you must travel through disorienting illusions, nightmarish landscapes and encounters from the clowns and circus performers.  You’ll have to rely on your wits to escape the grasp of the spirits haunting the twisted circus.

If you love all things haunted and terrifying, Hallows End is where you should be this Halloween season.


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