Tales of Terror Haunted Attraction in Orlando, Florida

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Tales of Terror is an immersive haunted attraction, featuring two terrifying haunted houses:

  • GenoCorpse: We care about every BODY!
  • Tormented Curse of the Bayou

This is happening at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  The gates open at 7:30 pm and the Haunt begins at 8 pm.


Dr. Cornelius Pinski started GenoCorp with the goal. of solving every sickness and disease.  He was joined by Dr. Dragan Viktrov, a cybernetics and genetic coding expert from Russia.  Together they conducted illegal and unethical experiments in a secret lab.  They not only failed but the patients started to develop geno-morphic mutations.

The patients, known as Genomorphs, turned on the staff members and tortured Dr. Pinski to death.  Dr. Viktrov continued the experiments, the Genomorphs multiplied and a deadly pandemic swept the nation.

Now you must go through the secret laboratory.  You know the Genomorphs are in there but  you don’t know where.  That shadow moved….or did it?  Dark and twisted creatures will jump out at you.  Can you make it through unscathed?

Tormented Curse of the Bayou

Deep in the Florida bayou stands an isolated wasteland.  Can you survive the carnage-filled compound of sadistic killers?  Will you become imprisoned with a fate worse than death?

You never know what might be lurking in the shadows….

Additional Information

You can purchase an upgrade to high intensity for GenoCorp Trail.  High intensity includes a glow stick necklace and a rated R “hands on” experience.  You may be touched.

Tales of Terror is introducing their first ever Blackout Night on October 26, 2023,  Experience both haunts in total darkness, one glow stick and nothing holding back the scares.  It will be intense.

Food trucks will be there with delicious food available for purchase.  There will be a haunted bar and speak easy for 21+.  Try their specialty drinks, “Purple People Eater” and “Black Magic.”

Vendors and artisans will be there for a great shopping experience.  And there will be live entertainment.


I’m sure you’d like to find a way to save money on this event.  Book your ticket here and you can save

  • $10 (37% discount) on General Admission
  • $11 (34% discount) on General Admission with High Intensity Upgrade + Glow Necklace
  • $12 (34% discount) on VIP Package with Second Time Access to both Trails & High Intensity Upgrade
  • $12 (38% discount) on General Admission with Second Time Access to both Trails