The wave pool at Castaway Bay Resort & Waterpark in Sandusky Ohio makes you feel like you're at a Caribbean beach

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The next time you plan a Sandusky, Ohio family vacation, then you need to consider booking a stay at Castaway Bay at Cedar Point Resort.  This amazing hotel, conveniently located on Cleveland Road, has so many things it offers guests .  And at reasonable prices, all things, considered, if you take advantage of this current deal like I did last time I stayed.  My family loves staying here – and I know your family will love staying here, too.

You can check out our video of the hotel and then keep going to see our 10 reasons why we think your family will love this hotel:

1. The waterpark

There is so much to love about this hotel, but the main selling point has got to be the waterpark.  Castaway Bay has an amazing 38,000-square-foot indoor waterpark where it’s 82 degrees year-round, which makes this hotel great even at offpeak times (last time I stayed there was around Halloween, and my family had an amazing time).  It’s a lot of fun for kids but adults, too – seriously, I don’t think anyone had more fun at this water park last time I was there than me!  They’ve got a lot of great things you would expect from a water park: a wave pool, tube slides that land in pools, a toddler play area, interactive pools with basketball hoops & floatables, and a water coaster (I really loved this, and I don’t always like wild rides, but this was fun).  And you get to do all of this indoors and always at a good temperature, so you know that even if the weather doesn’t agree with you during your stay, your family will definitely have a good time!  And if you personally don’t like waterparks, then you can relax in one of those comfortable chairs or the hot tub!The wave pool at Castaway Bay Resort & Waterpark in Sandusky Ohio makes you feel like you're at a Caribbean beachWhen you're not at Cedar Point, you can enjoy the water park at Castaway Bay hotel in Sandusky OhioEnjoy a water park & other great amenities at Castaway Bay Resort a Cedar Point hotelEnjoy splashing around at Castaway Bay waterpark at this official Cedar Point hotel in Sandusky OHAll ages can enjoy the water park at Castaway Bay Resort in Sandusky OhioThe water park is one of the reasons my family loves staying at Castaway Bay hotel in SanduskyToddlers will enjoy their play area at the water park at Cedar Point's Castaway Bay hotelWater park at Castaway Bay Resort is fun for families with childrenEnjoy fun objects in the pool at Castaway Bay's water park in Sandusky OHAdults can relax on the chairs while the kids play at the water park at Castaway Bay in Sandusky Ohio

2. Official Cedar Point partner

Another big advantage of staying here is that this is an official Cedar Point hotel and let’s face it, if you’re visiting Sandusky, Ohio, you’re going to want to visit the roller coaster capital of the world (and by the way, if you’re looking for a good deal for tickets, buy through Tripster and you can save $18 on Cedar Point tickets).  And by staying at an official Cedar Point Resort guest, you can get into Cedar Point an hour before the park officially opens and you get access to 20 rides (including Steel Vengeance!).  You also get early admission to Cedar Point Shores Waterpark a half hour before it opens – seriously, this is the best vacation ever if you love water parks!A big advantage of Castaway Bay hotel in Sandusky Ohio is that you can get into Cedar Point theme park earlyHow-To-Get-Cheap-Tickets-Cedar-Point21% off Comfort Inn Sandusky Ohio near Cedar point

3. Great rooms

Something you always want out of a hotel is a great room, and luckily, Castaway Bay does not disappoint; in fact, the rooms there exceeded my expectations before I first stayed here.  The hotel offers rooms and family suites that are beautifully decorated.  Most of the rooms have balconies and views of the beautiful bay.  I loved the color scheme and the pictures up of roller coasters (they really make you excited to head to Cedar point!).  The beds were also extremely comfortable.  They also have flat-screen televisions (good for watching football if you’re there for Halloweekends, by the way) and free wireless internet.  The refrigerators are great, too (better than most hotels), and rooms also have a coffee maker and a microwave that even has outlets (which is a really convenient feature that gives you more options if you carry around a lot of electronics like I do).The comfortable beds are a reason why my family loves staying at Castaway Bay part of Cedar Point Resort in Sandusky OHA picture of the spacious rooms at Castaway Bay hotel in Sandusky OhioPictures of roller coasters from Cedar Point are on the walls of rooms at Castaway Bay ResortI love the refrigerator & microwave at the family rooms at Castaway Bay's Cedar Point in Sandusky OHFamily rooms at Castaway Bay hotel at Cedar Point have spacious bathroomsCedar Point's Castaway Bay rooms have beautiful Lake Erie viewsA picture of the balcony & chairs at Castaway Bay at Cedar Point resort in Sandusky OhioEnjoy waterfront views from your balcony at a family room or suite at Castaway Bay hotel in Sandusky Ohio

4. Theming

I really love the Caribbean theming of the resort.  The hotel is beautifully decorated to the theme and the music throughout the hotel perfectly fits the theme.  And the waterpark fits in well with the theming, too.  Throughout the hotel is a very happy, relaxed atmosphere and that makes your vacation even better.Cedar Point's Castaway Bay Resort & Waterpark has a wonderful Caribbean themCastaway Bay, a Cedar Point official hotel, has a relaxing Caribbean feel to itEven the elevators at Cedar Point's Castaway Bay have the hotel's Caribbean themeKids can have fun exploring the pirate ship in the lobby at Cedar Point's Caribbean themed hotel Castaway BayThe Caribbean theming is all throughout Castaway Bay Resort & Water Park at Cedar Point in Sandusky

5. Dining

The hotel has a lot of great dining options on-site.  You’ve got the perfectly decorated Mango Mike’s, which offers a delicious breakfast buffet that is a great way to start out the day when you’re going to be visiting a theme park.  if you want a smaller meal, you can enjoy Ebb & Eddy’s, that offers bakery selections, deli wraps, ice cream, salads & other quick food items (I loved the muffins here).  They also have a great Quaker Steak & Lube connected to the hotel, and I reviewed this restaurant here.  You can also go across & eat at the Thirsty Pony, a really fun restaurant that I know you’ll love if you haven’t already been there.Ebb & Eddy's offers casual quick service dining at Castaway Bay Resort in Sandusky OhioA fully Caribbean themed Ebb & Eddy's restaurant at Castaway Bay Resort & Water Park on Cleveland Road in SanduskyA picture of Ebb & Eddy's casual dining eatery at Cedar Point's Castaway Bay ResortCedar Point's Castaway Bay offers lots of food and ice cream options for hotel guests.Enjoy light snacks or desserts after a day at Cedar Point theme park at Castaway Bay in Sandusky OhioCastaway Bay at Ebb & Eddy's offers delicious pastries & bakery items like muffinsEnjoy a delicious breakfast each morning at Castaway Bay Resort at Cedar Point in Sandusky OhioCastaway Bay's Mango Mike's offers a breakfast buffetQuaker Steak and Lube interior in Sandusky with car theminginside Quaker Steak and Lube in Sandusky Ohio with football games on TVschicken fingers, fries and cole slaw inside Quaker Steak and Lube in Sandusky Ohiochicken sandwich at Quaker Steak & Lube in Sandusky Ohio

6. Hotel layout

I really, really love the way the hotel layout; whoever designed this hotel was a genius.  You can walk through the hotel without having to leave (which you can see in the above video), and I really like that because sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate during a vacation and it’s nice to know that you can head to breakfast in the morning or dinner at night without having to get soaked if it’s raining.  Also, because of the way the building is designed, there are a lot of rooms with bay views, which is great.Castaway Bay Resort has a great layout where all rooms are connected

7. Arcade

Another fun thing that, due to the great layout of the hotel, is convenient for all guests to enjoy is the arcade.  You can get game cards and have a lot of fun, and it’s conveniently located right next to the waterpark so if you have differing opinions on how to spend the day, your family can easily split up.  With the hotel having a great arcade and on-site water park, these are even more options for great family fun activities for your Sandusky vacation.The arcade is one of the reasons my family loves staying at Castaway Bay at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.You & your children will enjoy the arcade next to the water park at Castaway Bay hotel at Cedar Point in sandusky

8. Activities for Children

There are a lot of great activities for the youngest members of your family.  One fun thing you can do right at the hotel is your children (and you!) can meet & take pictures with your favorite PEANUTS characters!  This happens right in the hotel lobby, which is incredibly convenient due to the great hotel layout.  There are also a lot of other great PEANUTS (& Caribbean) themed family fun activities, like arts & crafts at Camp Castaway, coloring on T-Shirts and backpacks, games, a Karaoke parties, dance parties, movie nights & more.  These are just more examples of how staying at Castaway Bay Resort can make your family’s trip to Sandusky such a complete, wonderful experience that your family will always remember and treasure.

9. Parking

The parking here is free, which is really great and was an unexpected surprise for me when I arrived here.  There is also plenty of parking throughout the resort and you can often park near your room and the resort offers a lot of carts for your luggage, so it makes unloading and loading up your car even easier, which makes your whole trip better.Free parking is one of the reasons my family loves Castaway Bay Resort & Water Park in Sandusky Ohio

10. Signs

A small detail that may seem small but really matters when you are there is the signs they provide.  I’ve been on family vacations before at resorts where I’ve gotten lost when trying to find my room at night (which, let’s face it, is the last thing you want after you’ve been on your feet walking around a theme park all day), but the signs are incredibly helpful.  They are also telling you which directions things are (dining, lobby, waterpark, etc.) so that you know if you’ve gotten close to your destination and if you’ve gotten lost, you can quickly figure out what you did wrong and find your way.  This may seem insignificant, but it just makes your vacation better and puts you in a better mood and makes you want to come back more after your trip is over.sign inside Castaway Bay hotel in Sandusky with arrow pointing to Lobby, Ballrooms, Restaurants, Arcade, Retail Shops, Quaker Steak & Lube, WaterparkA picture of the signs at Castaway Bay Resort & Water park in Sandusky OhioSigns are a reason family loves a vacation at Castaway Bay part of Cedar Point Resort in Sandusky Ohio