Country Inn & Suites in Doswell, Virginia has a warm, inviting lobby

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My family really enjoys Kings Dominion theme park, but we love it the most at Christmastime.  That is when they have their Winterfest Celebration.  We love the Christmas lights, ice skating in front of the Eiffel Tower, holiday-themed entertainment, and more.

So when we decided to visit this year, we decided to stay at a hotel we’ve enjoyed staying in in the past.  And that hotel is Country Inn & Suites in Doswell, Virginia.

So, today I wanted to review the hotel and tell you why we love it so much.  We’ll tell you about the hotel’s good qualities – and bad qualities.  And we will also tell you how you can save money on a stay here!


So the main reason we love this hotel so much is the location.  There could seriously not be a better location for visiting Kings Dominion unless you were literally staying in the theme park.  It is right across the street from the hotel which is so convenient.  You just exit the park, drive across the street, and you are at your hotel.

I really appreciated the location this year.  It was raining and dark when we went.  It was really nice to be able to quickly drive home rather than have to make sure we found the right exit to our hotel in the dark.  And we were able to quickly get back to our room and get in warm clothes and settle in for the night.

One note about the location, though.  There is a Burger King close by.  But otherwise, there are not a lot of restaurant options nearby.  If you do not eat at the park, keep that in mind.  You might need to order in if you don’t want to have to drive out of your way to get your meal if you don’t want to have all your meals at Burger King.


I really love the rooms at this hotel.

Video tour of Country Inn & Suites in Doswell, Virginia across the street from Kings Dominion

The beds are incredibly comfortable.  And the rooms are spacious so you’re able to fit all your stuff even if you overpack like I do, and still be able to get around the room.

We also loved the bathroom.  The bathroom was really spacious.  And they give you lots of towels and washcloths.  That may sound like a small thing, but a lot of hotels don’t.

Cozy Lobby

One thing I like about all Country Inn & Suites hotels it the homey and cozy lobby.  This hotel is no different.  And the fireplace is a nice touch.

Country Inn & Suites in Doswell, Virginia has a warm, inviting lobby

Why Country & Inn in Doswell, Virginia is my family's favorite choice for a hotel to stay in when we visit Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, VA

I love the stairs (but there is an elevator, so don’t worry if you have someone in your party who needs that!).

Country Inn & Suites across from Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia has an attractive, cozy lobby

Continental Breakfast

One thing I love about this hotel is the continental breakfast.

Country Inn by Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA has a great continental breakfast with lots of options

It has a really good variety of foods, which you really don’t see anymore.  Post COVID-19 and 2020, a lot of hotels have really cut back on their free breakfast items.  I wondered if they would too, but we were pleased they still had a lot to eat.

They have a waffle maker.  They also have frozen yogurt, cereal (Cocoa Puffs and Corn Flakes), mini muffins, mini bagels, and apples.  Then they have frozen food in a refrigerator you can warm up in the microwave.  You can get biscuits like a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit or you can warm up frozen pancakes.

Get biscuits, coffee, waffles, and other breakfast items at the continental breakfast at Country Inn & Suites in Doswell, Virginia by Kings Dominion theme park

They do not, however, have hot breakfast items, like freshly made eggs, bacon, or sausage.  But I still think they go above and beyond what a lot of other hotels are doing for their free breakfast, and I really appreciate that.

Other Amenities

The hotel has other great amenities.  They have a great fitness center and indoor pool.

Country Inn & Suites across the street from Kings Dominion in Virginia has an indoor pool and big fitness center

The indoor pool even has a hot tub, which I really like.

Country Inn & Suites near Kings Dominion has an indoor pool and hot tub

Summary & Money Saving Tips

We chose Country Inn & Suites in Doswell, Virginia due to its great location.  It is right across the street from Kings Dominion theme park and it is really convenient.

But we loved the hotel for other reasons, like comfortable beds, indoor pool, great free breakfast, etc.

But here is one other reason we loved our stay.  The price is incredibly reasonable given all of the hotel’s great features.

And you can save a lot of money by booking the hotel directly through their website.

Country Inn Doswell Video Tour

Want to see more of this hotel?  Check out our video tour of Country Inn & Suites Dowell Kings Dominion!