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Last weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the Grandover Resort Golf and Spa in Greensboro, North Carolina.  This is a 4-star luxury resort and the prices can reflect this, but I was able to get a great deal through Expedia.  Among those in my travel party was my dad, who initially did not want to go but left saying he loved it and wanted to come back.  Even though I have been to Greensboro many times before, this was by far my favorite time going thanks to the hotel.

The Grandover Resort is a great choice if you are already headed to Greensboro for one reason or another, but it can also be just a great vacation in and of itself because of all its features.  The Grandover Resort has so much to offer to make it appealing for the whole family:


Grandover Resort Theming Painting Shields Swords

lobby Grandover Resort Greensboro NC

I loved all of the time & attention that the hotel put into the decorations at the hotel.  First of all, right when I walked in, you really get the feel of a luxury hotel by the lobby, and then all throughout the hotel I really liked the selection of paintings.  I enjoy hotels with consistent theming because it helps me feel like my vacation is more of an escape, and Grandover definitely fit that bill for me.

2The Rooms

Grandover resort room queen beds

Grandover resort room desk mirror lamp

Grandover Resort room sink mirror

Grandover resort room refrigerator

Grandover Resort Spa bathroom

newspapers hallway Grandover Resort Greensboro

I was in a standard room, but there was plenty of room for luggage and to walk around. It was also a clean, attractive, welcoming room with small touches like magazines provided and a newspaper delivered to the front door.


Grandover Resort Spa view Greensboro NC

If you love looking at beautiful trees, this is definitely the place for you.  From my room, I could see the tennis courts and beautiful green trees.

4Golf & Tennis

Grandover Resort Spa Golf Course View

If you or anyone in your party golfs you will love the golf courses -actually, scratch that, even if you don’t like golf you may enjoy it – as someone who is not a golf fan (I tend to prefer sports where the cheering is much louder), I even found myself enjoying watching the golf.

Grandover Resort has 2 top of the top golf courses in North Carolina, with an East Course which opened in March of 1996 and a West Course which opened in May 1997.  Now, truth be told, I really don’t know much about golf, but I have family members who do and they liked it, so I will take their word for it.

The resort also has 4 tennis courts, so if you are more of a tennis person than a golf person, this resort will have you covered.


Grandover Resort Outdoor Pool

Grandover Resort indoor pool

Grandover Resort and Spa hot tub

Grandover has an indoor/outdoor pool (although, at least currently, you cannot swim from one to the other – as of now, the part of the pool that connects the indoor & outdoor pool is closed off).  I chose to swim in the indoor section as I am very fair and need all the protection I can get from the sun, though all other guests at the pool not in my party chose to swim outdoors (which was great for me – I got uninterrupted lap swimming in!).  The indoor pool was quite cold (which I believe is why that pool was not crowded, that and it was a beautiful day outside), but the cold was okay for me.  It certainly made me appreciate me the hot tub even more afterwards!


Spa at Grandover Resort Greensboro

Another part of this resort that makes it a great place to relax is the spa services at Grandover Resort & Spa. You can choose from signature, deluxe and classic spa packages.  With everything from prenatal massages to sports massages to Swedish massages to volcanic stone massages to couples massages, this is definitely a perfect place to go to get completely relaxed.

7Billiard Room

Grandover Resort Game Room foosball billiards pool

If the pool, golf and spa aren’t enough to entertain your party, the game room at the Grandover Resort had pool, foosball and a large Connect 4 game.  These are small touches that can make a day at a hotel that much more appealing.  I would imagine this would be even more appealing if the weather was poor, but that was not the case during my trip.

8Comfortable Beds

comfy beds Grandover hotel room

A great test for me as to how comfortable a hotel bed is is whether or not I want to get out of bed the next morning. Well, I definitely wanted to snuggle under the covers for much longer, so it definitely passed the test! Also, the beds had an adjustable reading lamp on each side, which could come in great if one person in your party wanted to stay up reading and the others do not.

9Dining Options

DiValetta Restaurant Malta Theme Grandover

Golfers Express Restaurant Grandover Resort

Grandover Resort cafe dining

The hotel has many dining options: Di Valletta, an elegant, upscale dining option with a large ceiling mural themed after Malta (fitting in perfect with the European theme); Café Express East & billiards room which overlooks the putting green and Grandover’s East golf course; Café Express West, which overlooks the 10th hotel on the resort’s West Golf course.  There are also lobby bars, the Lobby Bar (next to Di Valletta Restaurant) and the Colony Bar (next to the Golf Pro Shop).

I ate at the Café Express East and the views of the golf course really were spectacular and my avocado sandwich was delicious.

10Hospitable Staff

hotel lobby Grandover Resort

The staff could not have been any nicer during my stay.  This has definitely not been the case at every hotel I have stayed at over the years (and I have stayed at a lot – I think I spent more time in 2016 in a hotel than my own home), but luckily the staff at Grandover was very friendly and that added to my positive experience.