A picture of the Beaufort mural and pool table in the lobby at Tru by Hilton

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The Beaufort Water Festival is about to begin, and you may find yourself making a last-minute hotel reservation.  Or perhaps you are finding this blog entry sometime in the future and are just looking for a place to stay in Beaufort.  Either way, if you are looking for an affordable hotel where you get great bang for your buck, then I think you will love to know about Tru by Hilton Beaufort.

Tru by Hilton Beaufort South Carolina hotel review

Tru by Hilton Beaufort is a great choice if you are looking for an option that is a bit nicer than a truly economy option such as Quality Inn Beaufort but would like to pay less than you would for a nicer hotel in the area such as Hilton Garden Inn (you can read our review for this hotel here).  

Because, speaking of price, you’ll find a great price if you book your stay here

They have a lot of great options that you don’t always get for this price point.  Though at the same time, you do sacrifice some things by staying here rather than a more expensive option,  So I’m going to tell you all the positive (and negative) aspects of this hotel my family experienced from our stay here to help you decide whether or not you want to stay here.

Guest Rooms

I really like the creative way Tru utilizes the space of the rooms.  They make the most of the space in various ways.  For example, there are five different hooks on the wall where you can hang your bags or coat.

A picture of the hooks on the wall in the guest rooms at Tru by Hilton in Beaufort, South Carolina

There is a long bench you can store luggage as well as an open space underneath it where you can also put luggage.

A picture of a bench where you can store your luggage in guest rooms at Tru by Hilton Beaufort South Carolina

So we could always find a place for our luggage.

But the fact they had to be creative with the space shows you the main negative of the room.  And that is the guest room is a bit small.

One of the negatives there is that there are no drawers throughout the guest room.  There is not a closet either.  So in a way you can’t really unpack the same way you might in another room.  Which is a bit of a negative to me.

Similarly, the bathroom is not very large.  The vanity area is not very large.  And I really did not care for the way you could get soap.  They had body lotion and hand wash right next to the sink you could squeeze.

A picture of the hand wash and body lotion you can use in the bathroom at Tru by Hilton Beaufort guest rooms

It was really hard to squeeze and when you could finally get it, it would spray a ton of it.  I have been to hotels that had this, but this was one of the hardest to spray.  Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the bar of soap (but that could just be me).  If you are like me, though, you may want to bring your own travel soap.

On a more positive note, I liked the beds.

A picture of the beds in the guest rooms at Tru by Hilton hotel in Beaufort, South Carolina

They have queen beds rather than double beds and they were quite comfortable.

I also liked the TV.  It was large and the quality was really good.

Tru by Hilton Beaufort South Carolina guest rooms have nice large TV that are good quality

I had read reviews before I stayed here that some felt the walls were thin and it was really noisy at night.  Now I was staying on the first floor so I don’t know if that made a difference.  But I barely heard any noise at night when I went to go to sleep.

One other thing: they did have a refrigerator, which I like.

Tru by Hilton Beaufort South Carolina has a small refrigerator in guest rooms

But the refrigerator was not very large and I had trouble fitting leftovers in it.  So it is something to think about if you like getting leftovers from restaurants.


So here is another big advantage of Tru by Hilton.  They offer a free buffet breakfast!

A picture of the free breakfast at Tru by Hilton Beaufort South Carolina

Get eggs, bagels, and more at the free breakfast at Tru by Hilton hotel in Beaufort, South Carolina

Some of the more expensive hotels in the area do not offer a free breakfast, so it’s really great they have that.

And the selection was good, too.  One thing they had I really liked was the pancake maker.  I prefer this to a waffle maker because for one thing I like pancakes more than waffles, and for another, it’s easier and quicker to use than a waffle maker.

Another thing they had I liked was a bagel slicer.  I had never seen one at a hotel before.  So you know how sometimes bagels aren’t sliced properly and you have to yank them apart?  You can just put it in the bagel slicer!  I really liked this feature.  You can find a bagel slicer like this here.

They also had warm freshly made bacon and eggs.  There was also yogurt, cereal, and fruit.

There is also plenty of seating, which I like.

I love how the lobby has a lot of seating so you can enjoy your free breakfast at Tru by Hilton in Beaufort, South Carolina

Fitness Center

Another great feature of this hotel is the fitness center.  I was not expecting such a great fitness center.  They have equipment that you would expect in a hotel exercise room, such as weights, treadmills, an elliptical, an exercise bike (including a Peleton), and yoga balls.

Exercise with weights a yoga ball or a Peleton at the fitness center at Tru by Hilton Beaufort SC

Tru by Hilton Beaufort SC has a great fitness center with an elliptical and treadmill

But here was the real kicker for me as to why I liked this fitness room.  The had an actual ballet barre!

A picture of the ballet barre in the fitness center at Tru by Hilton in Beaufort, South Carolina

If you have a barre at home or at your gym and want to keep up a barre workout while you are on vacation, you can.  And if you want to try for the first time, you can!


Now, in my mind, I always associate a fitness center with a pool as extra amenities a hotel can offer.  But in the case of Tru by Hilton Beaufort, they actually do not have a pool.  This may not matter to you or your family.  But if you like swimming in the pool on vacation, then you should stay elsewhere as this hotel does not have a pool.


Another great feature of this hotel is the lobby.  It is bright, modern, and inviting.  They also have a wonderful of Beaufort on one of the walls, which I really like.  There is a pool table which is a great feature.

A picture of the Beaufort mural and pool table in the lobby at Tru by Hilton

The lobby at Tru by Hilton in Beaufort, South Carolina is inviting and spacious

There are lots of tables and chairs in the lobby which you can use for the free breakfast.  And then there is also a store in the middle of the lobby where you can pick up drinks, snacks, or practical items like sunblock (though you’ll save money if you buy it beforehand).

A picture of the store in the lobby at Tru by Hilton in Beaufort, South Carolina


Tru by Hilton is in Beaufort but it is a little farther away from the Historic Downtown area than other hotels like the aforementioned Quality Inn and Hilton Garden Inn.  It’s still around a ten-minute drive to the historic area, which isn’t bad at all.  And one advantage of staying here is that you are closer to stores like Walmart and Publix, which is great if you need to buy something during your trip (we ended up going to both during our trip).  So it really is a great location.


So as you can see, there are both positives and negatives to staying at Tru by Hilton Beaufort.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable queen beds
  • Guest rooms that make great use of space
  • Free breakfast
  • Great fitness center


  • Smallish rooms without drawers and closets
  • No pool

So as you can see, the positives outweigh the negatives.  And you can book a room at a great rate here.