2024 Guide to the Noche de San Juan Celebration in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Every year on June 23, Puerto Ricans celebrate Noche de San Juan.  This is the eve of St. John the Baptist’s birth.   In Puerto Rico, this celebration occurs 2 days before the summer solstice and is a holiday that is spent at the beach.

The Puerto Rican tradition is that at the stroke of midnight, people take at least three backward plunges in the ocean.  This is to rid their lives of all negativity.  Some people do 7 or 12 dives.  St. John the Baptist is namesake and patron saint of San Juan and the patron saint of Puerto Rico

The water is said to be “blessed” so dipping into it is supposed to cleanse you of bad things so as to bring you luck.  While the good luck cannot be guaranteed, this is a happy celebration.  Family and friends get together and enjoy food, music, good company and a dip in the ocean.

A beach in the San Juan area is where you should go if you really want to experience this scene of celebration.  These beaches will get crowded and you’ll need to get there early to be sure of finding parking and a good spot in the sand.

Bring a cooler with your goodies.  Be prepared to stay up until after midnight, get wet and have fun. 

Visiting San Juan

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Puerto Rican Cuisine

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