Save money on admission to King Richard's Faire coming in the fall to Carver Massachusetts

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Head to the largest and longest-running New England Renaissance Festival, King Richard’s Faire, this September and save money with these discounted tickets!

There are so many fun things to do at King Richard’s Faire at South Meadow Village in Carver, Massachusetts:

  • Shop at a jewelry booth, the Remembrance Shoppe or the Apothecary Shop
  • Play hide n’ seek in M’Lady’s Shady Maze
  • Great rides like:
    • the Wonder Wheel
    • the Hurlinator Ride
    • the Flying Carousel ride
    • the Pirates Ships ride
  • Fun games like:
    • The Axe Throw
    • Knife Throw
    • Knights Errant
    • Giant Stryker
    • Dastardly Darts
    • Crusader’s Crossbows
    • Captain’s Cannons
    • Jacob’s Ladder
    • Dragon Joust
    • King of the Log
  • Watch knights battle on horseback
  • Eat great food like:
    • Spit-roasted turkey legs
    • Ringlets of fryes
    • Boules of chowder
    • Boules of stew
    • Chancellor’s Chili Boule
    • Fishe ‘n Chips
    • Jester’s Chicken Fingers ‘n Fryes
    • Chicken Caesar Wrappe wi’ Kettle Chips
    • Giant Stuffed Baked Potato
    • The Court’s Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
    • Roasted Ear ‘O Corn
  • Drink sipping frosty brews, champagne or wine
  • Amazing performers like:
    • Acrobats
    • Aerialists
    • Jugglers
    • Fire Eaters
    • Dancers
    • Puppeteers
  • Face Painting
  • Get psychic readings
  • An Endangered Cat Show, where you can see:
    • the Black Panther
    • the Amur Leopard
    • the Fishing Cat
    • the Lynx
  • And more!

So where do you get the discounted tickets?  Well, if you click here, you can save up to 38% on your tickets!