Where to stay when booking a holiday in Winterberg Germany

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A trip to Winterberg, Germany means a great opportunity to enjoy lots of recreational sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, golf and biking.  

If you are planning a trip to Winterberg, then you should consider staying at one of these hotels.  They are considered the best 15 hotels in Winterberg by Hotels.com, a great website to use to pay the lowest prices for hotels:

  1. Dorint Hotel & Sportresort Winterberg/Sauerland
  2. Hotel Niedersfeld
  3. Central Hotel
  4. Avital Resort Winterberg
  5. Hotel Engemann Kurve
  6. Hotel Nuhnetal
  7. Romantik Berghotel Astenkrone
  8. Hotel M.Clemens
  9. Hapimag Resort Winterberg
  10. Die Sperre
  11. Hotel Jagerhof Winterberg
  12. Hotel Schneider
  13. Der schöne Asten – Resort Winterberg
  14. Apartment Central
  15. Pension Stiegelmeier