Discounted hotel rates in Marrakech, Morocco

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Over hundreds of years, Marrakech has been a desert oasis, a religious center, a military headquarters and the playground of a sultan. It is one of Morocco’s great cities, yet it began as a watering hole for Berber tribes.

The Almoravid leader, Yusuf Ibn Tushufin, founded what became the city of Marrakech in 1062 AD. The city grew and eventually became the capital of the Almoravid Empire. Marrakech developed into a luxurious Islamic city and a center of commercial power.

Over the centuries, Marrakech has seen its share of declines and rebuildings. Today Marrakech remains an important city with a rich cultural heritage that attracts visitors from around the world.

On a visit to Marrakech, you’ll see the colorful souks (marketplaces), lovely intimate gardens and Moorish architecture. It is known as the “red city” because of its buildings and ramparts of beaten clay built during its earliest days.

Marrakech is a visual wonder as well as being an architectural and cultural treat. Go on a guided city tour to take in all the sights, like the Koutoubia Mosque, and learn about local history.

Follow the aromas of saffron, turmeric and cardamom and fall in love with authentic Moroccan dishes. Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood, flavored with a magical blend of spices. Take a tour through a nearby market and pick out fresh ingredients. Then learn to make Moroccan dishes, such as tagine, tanjia and pastilla in a cooking class led by a Marrakech chef.

When in Marrakech… take a camel ride through the Palmeraie Marrakech (palm groves) and witness a stunning sunset.

Escape the heat of Marrakech and spend a day at Morocco’s largest water park, Oasiria Marrakech.

Enjoy a Fantasia Dinner Show and Moroccan Folklore Chez Ali in a cushion strewn Berber tent.

Hotel & Airfare Discounts

If you’d like to visit Marrakech, now would be a great time. Many hotels are offering discounted rates which can save you a lot of money. Here are some of the best deals.

  • Riad Harmattan 50% Discount
  • Riad Mille et una Nuits 44% Discount
  • Dar Pamela 40% Discount
  • Blue Sea La Printemps 37% Discount
  • Riad Faraj 35% Discount
  • Dar Darma – Riad 35% Discount
  • Riad Dar Massai 34% Discount
  • Al Fassia Aguedal 33% Discount
  • Eden Lodges 30% Discount
  • Kenzi Club Agdal Medina All Inclusive 30% Discount
  • Riad La Porte Range 30% Discount
  • Grand Mogador Agdal Soft All Inclusive 30% Discount
  • Sirayane Boutique Hotel & Spa 29% Discount
  • Stars Hotel & Spa 24% Discount
  • Angsana Riads Collection Morocco 20% Discount
  • Riad Jaaneman 20% Discount
  • Riad Sapphire & Spa 20% Discount
  • Palais de I’O 20% Discount
  • Aqua Mirage Club & Aqua Parc – All Inclusive 20% Discount
  • Kakena Lifestyle Concept 20% Discount
  • Riad Azzouna 13 20% Discount
  • Medina Gardens – Adults Only – All Inclusive 20% Discount
  • Riad et SPA Misria Los Orangers 20% Discount
  • Riad Pashavana 20% Discount
  • Riad Enchante 15% Discount
  • Riad Jona 15% Discount
  • Riad Bell Epoque 15% Discount
  • Riad Amina 14% Discount
  • Longue Vie Hotels 13% Discount
  • Riad El Zohar 13% Discount
  • 2Ciels Boutique Hotel & SPA 10% Discount
  • Tigmiza Boutique Hotel & Spa 10% Discount
  • Bliss Riad Marrakech 10% Discount
  • Elegancia Riad Boutique & Spa 10% Discount
  • Kenzi Menara Palace & Resort 10% Discount
  • Grand Mogador MENARA 10% DiscountS
  • Savoy Le Grand Hotel 10% Discount
  • Riad dar Essalam 10% Discount
  • La Maison Des Oliviers 5% Discount
  • Pestana CR7 Marrakech 5% Discount

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