Discounted hotel rates for Palm Springs California hotels

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Today there’s still snow on the ground and the predicted high is 38 degrees.  In Palm Springs, today’s high is 82 degrees. That sounds awfully good to me.

If that sounds good to you, too, you’ll be happy to know that has hotels in Palm Springs with discounted rates.  Here are some of the best deals.

  • ARRIVE Palm Springs       57% Discount
  • Infusion Beach Club by OYO       35% Discount
  • East Canyon Hotel & Spa       28% Discount
  • Avance Hotel       23% Discount
  • Ace Hotel & Swim Club       20% Discount
  • Les Cactus       15% Discount
  • Marquis Villas Resort by Diamond Resort       15% Discount
  • Palm Mountain Resort & Spa       15% Discount
  • Casa Cody       14% Discount
  • Inn at Palm Springs       12% Discount
  • Tuscany Manor Suites       10% Discount
  • The Wescott       10% Discount
  • Mykonos Desert Suites       10% Discount
  • Palm Springs Tennis Club       10% Discount
  • the Weekend       10% Discount
  • Desert Lodge       10% Discount
  • V Palm Springs       10% Discount
  • Hotel California       5% Discount
  • Vagabond Inn Palm Springs       5% Discount