Save money on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia by booking a Georgia Aquarium hotel vacation package

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My family really loves the Georgia Aquarium.  They have so many wonderful features.


The Georgia Aquarium in Downtown Atlanta has some great animals like the African Penguin

First and foremost, of course, is the animals.  They have hundreds of species and thousands of animals.

Some of the highlights of these animals include:

  • Common Bottlenose Dolphin
  • The Whale Shark
  • Manta Ray
  • African Penguins
  • California Sea Lions
  • American Alligator
  • Beluga Whale
  • Giant Pacific Octopus
  • Blue-Spotted Stingray
  • Rainbowfish
  • Green Moray Eel
  • Harbor Seal
  • Green Sea Turtle
  • Japanese Spider Crab
  • Horned Puffin
  • Moon Jelly

Exhibitions, Presentations & Experiences

See animals from the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef when you visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta as part of the Tropical Diver exhibit

But it’s not just seeing these animals.  The way they are presented to you is really creative and great.  You can see these animals as part of the presentations and shows they have at the Georgia Aquarium.

These include:

SHARKS! Predators of the Deep

The newest gallery at the Georgia Aquarium may be the most exciting, and that is SHARKS! Predators of the Deep.  It is actually one of the largest shark exhibits in North America.

Truist Pier 225

See California sea lions up close during Georgia Aquarium Under the Boardwalk presentation.

Cold Water Quest

Cold Water Quest is where you’ll find the world’s coldest ocean animals, like the African penguin and sea otters.

Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone

At Aquanut Adventure, you’ll learn about how animals survive and thrive in some of Earth’s harshest environments.

Ocean Voyager Built By The Home Depot

Ocean Voyager is one of the largest single aquatic exhibits in the world and home to animals like whale sharks and manta rays.

Tropical Diver

Tropical Diver is where you can experience animals from the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef.

Southern Company River Scout

Southern Company River Scout is the Georgia Aquarium’s only freshwater gallery.

4D Theater

They also have an immersive 4D theater where you can see great films like:

  • Octopus: Blue Planet II 4D Experience
  • Happy Feet 4D Experience
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 4D
  • THE POLAR EXPRESS 4D Experience


Another thing I love about the Georgia Aquarium is its location in Downtown Atlanta.  That means when you stay in Downtown Atlanta, it’s convenient to visit here.  And it’s also convenient to visit other attractions, like the World of Coca-Cola and the SkyView Ferris Wheel.

Indoor Facility

And lastly, another thing I love about the Georgia Aquarium is that it is all indoors.  That means your day at the aquarium won’t be spoiled by rainy weather.  It also protects you from the cold of the winter and the hot weather in the summer.

Hotel Package Deals

So I know you want to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  And I know you want to save money on your ticket.  Additionally, I am certain you would love a stay at a hotel close to Downtown Atlanta.  That puts you near both the Georgia Aquarium and other top downtown Atlanta attractions.  And I know you’d like to save money on this hotel stay.

That is of course why I think you should book the Georgia Aquarium Package at the Hilton Atlanta.  First of all, Hilton Atlanta is a great hotel.  It is just six blocks from downtown Atlanta.  Additionally, is connected via skywalk to Peachtree Center mall and the MARTA Station.  So it is convenient for wherever you want to go in Atlanta, including the airport!

But secondly, this is a great vacation package.  You get:

  • 2 adult anytime passes to the Georgia Aquarium
  • Free self-parking for a regular size vehicle
  • Roundtrip Lyft ride credit to the Georgia Aquarium from your hotel
  • Additional tickets available at the hotel

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