Save up to 60% on Paris France hotels

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There are so many things in Paris: cruise the Seine River, enjoy a show at Moulin Rouge, tour the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Palace of Versailles.  You could also take an excursion to tour the D-Day Beaches, or have a fun time at Disneyland Paris.  And that just scratches the surface of all the great things you can do in Paris!

So I’m sure you want to go to Paris, but you may be concerned about how expensive the trip could get, such as how much a hotel would cost you in Paris.  While it can get expensive, you can save money on your hotel by booking through  They have a lot of great deals on Parisian hotels, where you can save up to 60% on the nightly rate.  Here are the top 10 deals for Paris hotels:

  1. Hotel Mattle-Save up to 60%
  2. Hotel Monte Carlo-Save up to 60%
  3. Hotel de France Gare de Lyon Bastille-Save up to 55%
  4. Hotel La Sanguine-Save up to 45%
  5. Windsor Hotel Opera-Save up to 40%
  6. Jack’s Hotel-Save up to 40%
  7. Hotel de Bellevue Gare du Nord-Save up to 40%
  8. Hotel Charing Cross-Save up to 40%
  9. Maison Breguet-Save up to 35%
  10. Villa Montparnasse-Save up to 30%