Find out what the best hotels are in Saint-Nazaire France & how to book them for a low price

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Saint-Nazaire, France is a wonderful travel destination where you can enjoy relaxing or surfing at the beach, walking or biking along the Front de Mer, admiring the gardens or visiting great attractions like the Escal’ Atlantic, French Submarine Espadon, STX Shipyard Tour, Guérande or Prehistoric Monuments.

If you are planning a holiday in Saint-Nazaire, then consider staying at one of these hotels.

They were rated by as the best Saint-Nazaire hotels, and you can use to get a good price:

  1. Hotel The Originals Saint-Nazaire Anaïade (ex Inter-Hotel)
  2. Best Western Hotel De La Plage
  3. Holiday Inn Express Saint-Nazaire
  4. Hotel le Bretagne
  5. Eco Nuit Saint Nazaire
  6. Le Berry
  7. Hotel The Originals Saint-Nazaire Aquilon (ex Inter-Hotel)
  8. Comfort Hotel De L’Europe Saint Nazaire
  9. Appart’City Saint-Nazaire Océan
  10. Hôtel La Belle Etoile
  11. Zenitude Hôtel-Résidences Les Portes de l’Océan
  12. Brit Hotel Saint-Nazaire Centre Gare
  13. Smart Appart
  14. Résid Escales
  15. Appart’City Saint-Nazaire Centre