SeaWorld San Antonio theme park coupons

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SeaWorld San Antonio

To me, SeaWorld is the perfect theme park for families.  You have wonderful shows and animal experiences the whole family can enjoy together.  Let’s say you feel you don’t get to spend enough quality time with your kids.  Or you just really want to create more memories the whole family can cherish for years to come.  These animal experiences and shows are definitely it.

But SeaWorld also has a lot of things specific ages can enjoy.  You’ve got great Sesame Street attractions the younger children can enjoy.  You’ve got thrill rides the older kids can enjoy.  And for adults like us?  SeaWorld San Antonio has great adult beverages!

And SeaWorld San Antonio’s location makes it a great place for a family vacation.  You can easily get there from Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and other cities in Texas.


So, as I mentioned, there are lots of family-friendly shows all ages can enjoy together.

One Ocean

This is my favorite show.  It’s the one that features amazing killer whales performing amazing skills.  You learn a lot about killer whales, too, while really enjoying yourself.

Ocean Discovery

This show features beluga whales, athletic Pacific white-sided dolphins, and colorful macaws.  You will not want to leave the park without seeing this show!

Sea Lion High

Watch Clyde and Seamore try to pass high school in this entertaining show with sea lions and otters.

Pets Ahoy

This is a great show featuring rescue animals performing amazing skills.  You’ll see dogs, cats, birds, and even pot-belly pigs!

Killer Whales Up Close

This interactive presentation teaches you about killer whales in the wild.  You will learn about orcas’ habitats and behaviors.

Animal Experiences

Another great experience your whole family can enjoy together are the animal experiences available at SeaWorld San Antonio.  In addition to watching them from afar, you can get up close and personal in these animal experiences.  Please note that a number of these experiences do cost extra and are not included in daily admission.  But I’ll get to how you can save money on these later.

Dolphin Swim

There’s a special area in Dolphin Lagoon where you can enjoy a swim with a dolphin!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will want to have!

Beluga Whale Swim

The Beluga Whale Swim experience available at SeaWorld San Antonio is the only one of its kind in the whole world.

Dolphin Encounter

Another way to learn more about dolphins and get up close is the Dolphin Encounter Tour.  You get an exclusive tour with an animal trainer.

Beluga Whale Tour

You can also get more up close to the Beluga Whale Tour.  You get to join educators and animal trainers backstage.  And you get to meet a beluga whale!

Sea Lion Tour

The Sea Lion Tour includes a meet-and-greet with one of SeaWorld’s sea lions.  You’ll also get to learn about these great animals from trainers.

Shark Tour

This is a great tour for all of us who are fascinated by sharks!  You get to look down at the 450,000-gallon aquarium that houses the sharks.  You also get to learn how SeaWorld ambassadors take care of the shark.  Oh, and I almost forgot the best part!  You get to actually touch a small shark!

Penguin Encounter

Here, you will get to learn from one of SeaWorld’s educators and see more than 100 penguins of various types up close.

Penguin Tour

Want to know how penguins are taken care of at SeaWorld?  Then absolutely, you should take this tour!

Dolphin Tour

Get an in-depth, insider’s perspective on how dolphins are taken care of at SeaWorld.  You might also get a chance to touch a dolphin!

Killer Whale Tour

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned any tour that features killer whales, don’t worry!  You can absolutely enjoy a killer whale tour and see these amazing creatures up close.

Sea Lions at Play

Get an up-close look at sea lions and otters during Sea Lions at Play.

Animal Ambassador Tour

This is a great tour for animal lovers!  You get to see some of the amazing rescued animals that SeaWorld ambassadors are taking care of.  You also get to go behind the scenes and meet the keepers that make SeaWorld so special.

Family Adventure Tour

This is a great tour for families to enjoy together.  It includes visiting Explorer’s Reef, connecting with dolphins at Dolphin Lagoon, engaging with the sea lions at Pacific Point Preserve, and more.

Ultimate Animal Experience

In Texas, everything is bigger.  So you’re going to want to enjoy the biggest, best animal experience out there!  It’s a 7-hour tour where you’ll get to know the basics of animal training.  You’ll also get to connect with beluga whales, sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, a penguin, and, oh yes, a shark!

Kids Attractions

There are rides and kid-centric shows your younger ones will love.

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

This is a great ride that introduces kids to the fun of thrill rides.

Let’s Play Together!

Let’s Play Together! is a show about the beauty of friendship.  It features some of your favorite Sesame Street characters: Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Rosita, Grover, Bert, and Ernie.

Thrill Rides

Great White Roller Coaster

This roller coaster has got it all! Like 360-degree flips, speeds of 50 miles per hour, a floorless run of breathtaking loops, corkscrews, thrilling curves, etc.

Steel Eel Roller Coaster

This is a hypercoaster with a vertical drop of 15 stories.  There is also a series of camelbacks that provide periods of weightlessness.

Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster

Join SeaWorld’s rescue team in their quest to rescue animals in one of SeaWorld San Antonio’s newest roller coasters.

Journey to Atlantis

This is sort of a hybrid ride.  As in it is part roller coaster and part water ride.  Some of the highlights of the ride include a 360-degree view at the top of the first peak and the wild plunge into the lake below.

Rio Loco

This is a great ride to do on a hot day! And let’s face it, that happens a lot in San Antonio!  It’s a whitewater rafting type rides with lots of unexpected twists, turns & drop-offs.


So, I bet you’re ready to find out about coupons!  As you can tell, I am more than a little obsessed with SeaWorld, so I’ve spent a lot of time finding the best discounts.  Here is what I have found

SeaWorld’s Website

Often, you can find better deals when you don’t book through an official website.  But that is not the case with SeaWorld.  SeaWorld offers some of the best deals.  The best discounts are during Black Friday.  But aside from Black Friday, they offer great deals year-round.  Just click here to find out what the current great deal is.  They not only offer discounts on general admission.  But they also can offer some great deals on the animal experiences I talked about before.


So what happens if you are looking for a ticket during a time SeaWorld San Antonio isn’t have sale?  Then this is when you need to book through Tripster.  I have an annual pass, so I no longer look for tickets.  But my dad doesn’t and he occasionally goes with me to SeaWorld.  I normally book tickets through SeaWorld’s website.  But on the occasion there is no good deal available on SeaWorld’s website, I book through Tripster.  They offer great discounts pretty much year-round.  So you know you’ll find a great price there.