Cheap tickets for Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas

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Summer is here, and you know what that means.  Time to head to Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a great theme park in San Antonio, Texas.  We’re going to tell you about this theme park.  Then we’ll tell you how to get discount tickets for Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  And we’ll also tell you how this discount ticket can get you coupons for other San Antonio attractions!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Theme Park Attractions

One of the reasons why people love going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park is all the great rides you can do there!  There are rides for thrill-seekers and for kids.  Here are some of the attractions you can enjoy here.

BATMAN: The Ride

Did you know that BATMAN: The Ride is the world’s First 4D Free-Fly Coaster?  It’s a high-speed thrill ride that all thrill-seekers need to ride!

Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines

Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines is a brand new Six Flags Fiesta Texas Ride.  It is the world’s tallest ride of its kind!

You get in a retro four-seat steampunk vehicle.  You’ll go through aerial banks, dives, and loops as you travel almost five stories above Crackaxle Canyon.  Definitely a ride you will want to check out for yourself!

Iron Rattler

Iron Rattler is a new ride to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  It is a hybrid roller coaster.  It features speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, four over-banked turns, and has a drop of 171 feet with a drop angle of 81 degrees.

Superman: Krypton Coaster

Superman: Krypton Coaster is a floorless roller coaster that has the distinction of being the the world’s tallest and fastest floorless coaster.

THE JOKER: Carnival of Chaos

THE JOKER: Carnival of Chaos is one of the world’s tallest pendulum rides and has speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

Bugs’ White Water Rapids

Bugs’ White Water Rapids is a flume ride where you’ll plummet down a 30-foot hill.


Pandemonium is a five-story high, gravity-defying roller coaster.

DC Super-Villains Swing

This is a classic swing ride where you’ll get in your swing and fly high above the residents of Spassburg.


Goliath is a great 50 mile per hour thrill ride.  You’ll take a 10 story lift to the top before taking an 80-foot curving plunge into a full 360-degree loop.

Pirates of the Deep Sea

Pirates of the Deep Sea is a dark ride where you battle Captain Morgold & his evil band of scallywags in a quest to find the lost treasure of Port Fiesta.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster is a great steel roller coaster.


Fireball is a 7-story looping thrill ride where you are rocked forward & backward until you become fully inverted and complete a full revolution.

Fiesta Texas Railroad

Fiesta Texas Railroad is a family train ride the whole family can enjoy together.


Boomerang is a great roller coaster with inverted loops and a corkscrew.

Crow’s Nest

Crow’s Nest is a 90-foot tall Ferris wheel on the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk.


Hustler is a neat pool-themed ride.  You get in a huge pool ball that can fit up to five people.  Your pool ball will spin around a black ball in the middle of the attraction.

Foghorn Leghorn’s Barnyard Railway

Foghorn Leghorn’s Barnyard Railway is a great ride for the youngest guests where they can ride a colorful train through a barnyard!

The Grand Carousel

The Grand Carousel is a great classic ride that kids and adults can both enjoy.

Hurricane Force 5

Hurricane Force 5 is a 24-passenger ride where you sit on motorcycle-like seats on a hurricane-shaped disc that arc from side to side on a 5-story high half-pipe track.  It’s the only ride like it in all of Texas!

Screamin’ Eagle Zipline

Screamin’ Eagle Zipline is an unparalleled flying experience and an incredible adrenaline rush.  You travel forward-and-backward over 1,500 feet and you climb almost 155 feet in the air.

Road Runner Express

Road Runner Express is a steel coaster that’s themed to Looney Tunes.


Buckarooz is a kids’ ride where you go up and down a 20-foot tall tree.


Kinderstein is a fun spinning teacup ride.

Daffy’s School Bus Express

This is a ride where kids can “ride” a school bus that drives into the sky!

Up, Up & Away

Up, Up & Away is a kids’ tower ride.


SkyScreamer is a 200-foot tall swing tower ride.


Poltergeist is a great steel roller coaster.

Fender Bender

Fender Bender is a classic bumper car ride.

Zoom Jets

Zoom Jets is a plane ride where kids can feel like they’re flying as the ride takes them around a circle.


Slingshot is an attraction where you’re propelled over 200 feet skyward from an open-air capsule.

Rambling Road

Let your kid feel what it’s like to drive a car on Rambling Road!

Streamliner Coaster

Streamliner Coaster is a children’s roller coaster located in the Kidzopolis section of Six Flags Fiesta Texas.


Spinsanity is a classic Tilt-A-Whirl ride.


Scream is an exciting drop tower ride.

Wave Runner

Wave Runner is a classic scrambler ride.

Pirate Ship Play Zone

Pirate Ship Play Zone is an interactive water play zone for the youngest children.


Riding the go-karts at Six Flags Fiesta Texas will make you feel like you’re driving a car in the Indy 500!  Please note this costs an additional fee.

White Water Bay

A great thing about getting admission to Six Flags Fiesta Texas is that it also gets you admission to their water park, White Water Bay!  So it’s kind of like getting one ticket to two attractions!  And let’s face it, in the summer in San Antonio, you’ll want to cool off at a water park!

And White Water Bay has a lot of great rides.

Bahama Blaster

Bahama Blaster is a new water slide complex at White Water Bay.  It has the distinction of being the world’s steepest water slide!  It’s also the first ride of its kind in Texas.  Bahama Blaster has trap-door-style launching capsules that drop riders down six stories, where they free-fall & twist through loops at 40 miles per hour.

Bamboo Chutes

Bamboo Chutes are slides for the younger guests.  After going down the slides, you land in Paradise Cove!

Paradise Cove

So you may be thinking, what is Paradise Cove?  Paradise Cove is a relaxing pool that is a great part of White Water Bay’s expansions.  There’s a zero-depth entry part of the pool for kids they can access via the Bamboo Chutes.

Another great feature of Paradise Cove is Dom Julio’s Beach Bar.  This is a three-foot-deep swim-up bar where guests can order adult beverages & fountain drinks.  You can enjoy these drinks while sitting on submerged bar stools.

Lonestar Lagoon

Lonestar Lagoon is a giant wave pool with ocean-sized waves.

Paradise Plunge

Paradise Plunge is a classic body slide ride that has long been a staple in White Water Bay.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a great raft ride down an enclosed slide.

Riptide Runner

Riptide Runner is an open-topped water slide.

Splash Water Springs

Splash Water Springs is like a waterpark inside a waterpark but just for the little kids!

Big Bender

Big Bender is the ultimate slide experience!

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