Find out what the best Nozawaonsen Japan hotels are & how to book them for the lowest price

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Nozawaonsen is a great travel destination of the Nagano Prefecture in Japan.  It is known for its hot spring baths which include 13 traditional style public baths.  Nozawaonsen is also a popular ski resort in the winter.  It’s a great travel destination if you love snowboarding and skiing.  Nozawaonsen is also a great winter holiday for families with kids as there are a lot of slopes for beginners.

If you are looking for a great hotel for your trip to Nozawaonsen, then consider a stay at one of these hotels.  They are the best-reviewed best hotels in Nozawaonsen by TripAdvisor customers.  And you can use TripAdvisor to find a good price for these hotels.

  1. Shirakaba
  2. Sumiyosiya Nozawaonsen
  3. Kamoshika Lodge Nozawa Onsen
  4. La Neige MM
  5. Nozawa Onsen Kiriya Ryokan
  6. Daimaruya Ryokan
  7. Nozawa Grand Hotel
  8. Kawamotoya
  9. Naraya Ryokan
  10. Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya