Find out what the best Bethel, Maine hotels are & how to book them at the lowest available rate

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Bethel, Maine is a wonderful travel destination just an hour and a half away from Portland.

It is just 5 miles from Sunday River Ski Area, which is the most popular ski resort in Maine.  You can enjoy fun winter sports here, like snowboarding and skiing.

Bethel is also close to Grafton Notch State Park, which is a section of the Appalachian Trail.  In the summer, you can enjoy great hiking topped off with amazing views of the Mahoosuc Mountain Range.  Rock climbing is also a lot of fun in the summer.  In the winter, you can enjoy ice climbing here.

If you are considering traveling to Bethel, then consider staying at one of these hotels.  They are considered the best hotels in Bethel.  And if you click here, you can book them at a great rate!

  1. Holidae House Bed & Breakfast
  2. The Jolly Drayman Pub at the Briar Lea Inn
  3. The Inn at the Rostay
  4. The Bethel Inn Resort
  5. Grand Victorian Inn
  6. Grand Summit Hotel
  7. River View Resort
  8. Mountain Village Lodge
  9. Mountain View Solitude
  10. Songo Pond Lakeside