Find out what the best ski hotels in Karkol, Kyrgyzstan & how to book them for the lowest available rate

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Karakol, Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful city to visit during the winter.  Karakol offers some of the best skiing in Central Asia to winter visitors.  In fact, Karakol Ski Base is the highest ski resort in Central Asia.  Skiers of all skill levels, including children, can enjoy the slopes at Karakol.

If you are considering a winter holiday in Karakol, consider staying in one of these hotels.  They are considered the best hotels in Karakol.  And you can book them for a great rate if you click here.

  1. Altamira
  2. Hillside Four Seasons Karakol
  3. Memo’s Boutique Guesthouse
  4. Tagaytay Karakol Hotel
  5. Madanur Hotel
  6. Baitor
  7. Hotel Tashrabat