Discounted Tickets for Aqualandia Benidorm: Skip The Line

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Aqualandia Benidorm is a popular waterpark in Alicante, Spain.  They have fun rides for all ages, so it is a great attraction to visit as a family.  So if you are planning a holiday in Alicante, this is definitely an attraction you’ll want to visit.

So today, we are going to talk about all the great attractions at Aqualandia Benidorm.  And then we’ll tell you how you can get a discounted ticket to the waterpark!



Verti-Go is an attraction with two slides.  One slide is 28 meters high and the other slide is 33 meters high.  The larger slide actually holds the distinction of not only being the highest slide in Europe but also the tallest slide-capsule in the world!  This thrilling attraction sends you flying up to 100 km an hour!

Big Bang

Big Bang is another attraction that is also unique to Europe.  It is in fact Europe’s highest chute slide – and definitely an attraction you’ll want to check out!

Black Hole

Black Hole is an exciting attraction where you take a thrilling journey through a pitch-black mountain!

Wave Pool

Feel like you’re in the ocean when you’re in the pool when you enter Aqualandia Benidorm’s Wave Pool!


On Cyclon, you’ll get on a raft of up to four people (due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can only ride with other people, though, if you are part of the same family).  Your raft ends up on a “vortex” with lots of curves and descents before you fall into a pool!

Smooth Slides

Ever wanted to race your friends or family on a waterslide?  Well, you can on this attraction, because it features five side-by-side slides!


Zig-Zag is an attraction with five, fun crisscrossing slides.

Mini Zig-Zag

This is a smaller version of the last attraction for the younger kids.


Splash is a fun, family-friendly slide attraction.

The Amazon

The Amazon is a relaxing lazy river ride where you can enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the area while you ride around on your float.

Grand Jacuzzi

Want more relaxation?  Then head to the Grand Jacuzzi!


The Rapids is a fun attraction where you get on an inner tube and get ready to enjoy an exhilarating descent!


Laguna is a kid’s play area with zip lines, trampolines, nets, catwalks, and rings.


Adventureland is a wonderful water play area for children where they can have fun and burn off some energy.  There are slides, pools with balls, water throwers, a children’s maze, and more.


Niagara recreates an idyllic beach where you can explore mountain caves hidden by waterfalls or dive into beautiful, calm waters.


Geyser is a water-filled area to relax and have fun.

Discount Tickets

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