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Big Rivers Waterpark

Big Rivers Waterpark is a really fun place to go in New Caney, Texas.  It is located north of Houston near the intersection of Interstate 69 & Highway 242.  There are lots of fun activities here.  There are great water park attractions but there’s also ziplining, petting zoo, a maze, and even authentic Texas barbeque.

Today, we’ll go over all the fun things you can do at Big Rivers.  I’ll also let you know about a great coupon that can save you a lot of money.

Water Park Attractions

Big Rivers is, after all, a water park.  And they have some great waterpark attractions.

Rio GRAND River

Did you know that the largest lazy river in the Houston area can be found at Big Rivers Waterpark?  Yes, the Rio GRAND River is a really great lazy river, so you’ll want to grab an inner tube and try this attraction while you are there.

Boca Chica Bay Wave Pool

Did you know that the largest waves in the Houston area are at Big Rivers Waterpark’s Boca Chica Bay Wave Pool?  This wave pool is a lot of fun for adults and kids.  And lifejackets are available for no extra cost.

Gator Splash

Did you know that the largest interactive play structure in Texas is here at Big Rivers Waterpark?  Yes. Gator Splash has so many fun elements.  In fact, it has over 300 water play elements, sprayers, and multiple slides.  You’ll almost feel as if you entered a water park inside of a water park!

And speaking of multiple slides, Gator Splash has 8 different slides:

  • Armond Bayou
  • Buffalo Bayou
  • Cedar Bayou
  • Cypress Bayou
  • Highland Bayou
  • Pecan Bayou
  • Rincon Bayou
  • Taylor Bayou

Hatchling Hill

Are you bringing young children to Big Rivers Waterpark?  Then you should head to Hatchling Hill.  Hatchling Hill features not one, not two, but six great slides for the little kids:

  1. Bluebonnet Chute
  2. Froggy Falls
  3. Hummingbird Bend
  4. Strawberry Twist
  5. Sunflower Slope
  6. Tangerine Dip

Please note, though, that children under the age of 6 years old need to be accompanied by someone who is at least 16 years old.

Polliwog Puddle

Looking for a place for your young children to splash and play?  Polliwog Puddle is the perfect place, as it has lots of fountains, sprinklers, and nozzles.

COLORado River Racer

Have you ever wanted to compete against your friends or family at a waterpark?  Then COLORado River Racer is the ride for you!  You can race up to five friends.  Each lane has a different experience.  The multi-lane aqua tubes twist & spiral right beside each other.  After that, they make a swift 360-degree loop and then dive to the finish line.

Frio Falls

Frio Falls is a great ride where you plummet off a tower that’s over six stores tall and spiral down a towering slide.

Pecos Plunge

Pecos Plunge is an exciting slide that is seven stories high.

Comal Crush

Comal Crush is a kid-friendly raft ride with twisting turns and surprising drops.

Sabine Scream

Sabine Scream is a half-enclosed slide featuring a swift drop.

Storm Surge

Storm Surge is a ride for you and up to three riders where you become engulfed by a massive current.

Wild Isle

Wild Isle is an inflatable waterpark and obstacle courses that’s fun for adults and kids!

Aerial Adventure

But the fun does not stop at the water attractions.  There is also a lot of fun to be had a bit higher.

Falcon Flight

Falcon’s Flight is an incredible ziplining course with 3 different towers.  You get to zipline over the wave pool, down a creek, over the pond, over treetops, over buildings, and more.

Vulture’s Dive

Vulture’s Dive is seven-stories high and you free-fall towards the ground.

Hawk’s Glide

Hawk’s Glide is an entry-level zipline course.

Cougar Climb

Did you know that Big Rivers is home to one of the tallest climbing walls in Texas?  You can climb up to five stories on Cougar Climb!

Eagle Challenge

The Eagle Challenge consists of over fifty different activities that will test your endurance & dexterity.  There are different skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Raccoon Run

Raccoon Run is another place for guests to test their strength and skills.

Other Attractions

Big Rivers is home to even more than just aerial and water park activities.  There are other great attractions here, too.

Big Al’s Farm

Big Al’s Farm is a fun petting zoo adults and children can enjoy.

Mystic Forest Maze

Enter Mystic Forest Maze and try to find your way out.  This is timed so you can compete against your friends and family!

Gator Gulch

Gator Gulch is where you can get up close with alligators and learn more about their habitats and habits.  Please note that this costs extra.

Big Al’s Fishing Hole

You can learn to fish at Big Al’s Fishing Hole with catch and release pole fishing.  Please note that this costs extra.

Big Rock Mining

Big Rock Mining is where you can mine for your own gems and rocks.  Please note that this costs extra than your general admission.

Big Red’s Barbecue

Big Red’s Barbecue offers authentic Texas BBQ.

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