Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia has a new post COVID-19 Christmas celebration in 2020. Learn how to get discount tickets to this new holiday event

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas

So every year, my family loves going to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  We love seeing all the decorations and participating in all the holiday activities.  But we weren’t sure if they would be having it in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But luckily, there will be a Christmas celebration at Busch Gardens Williamsburg this year!  This Christmas celebration is, fittingly, called Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration.  And it has a lot of the things that made Christmas Town so special.  It takes place from November 13th, 2020 through January 3rd, 2021.

Christmas Lights & Christmas Decorations

One of my favorite parts of Christmas Town was always the Christmas lights & decorations.  And luckily, there will be holiday lights & decorations this year at the Christmas Celebration.  You will see it all over the eight villages of Busch Gardens.

Holiday Entertainment

Another thing my family loves about Busch Gardens Christmas Town is the great Christmas themed entertainment.  Well, there will still be some holiday entertainment this year!  They have great holiday music performed live.  Hear traditional Christmas tunes from the England Carolers.  Brand new this year is the Killarney Irish Trio, who also sing traditional Christmas music.  You can hear great acoustic stylings in New France.  And a pianist plays classic holiday songs while you eat your turkey dinner inside Das Festhaus.

Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, there will be a Santa Claus at Busch Gardens this year!  Only, this year guests will not be able to sit in Santa’s lap.  Instead, you can get a photo with Santa, just at a safe distance.

There’s another fun way you can communicate with Santa this year, too.  Your child can write a letter to Santa at home.  Then you can bring it with you on your visit.  You will be able to safely drop it off at his North Pole mailbox.  It is located just outside of his Workshop over in Oktoberfest.  Oh, and here’s another cool thing you can do.  You can download and print your letter to Santa on Christmas stationery!  Click here to find out more about this.

Holiday Dining

Love holiday food and holiday drinks?  You can get it at Busch Gardens Williamsburg this Christmas season!

Here is some of the food and drinks you can enjoy.


  • Turkey Dinner
  • Loaded Potato Soup
  • Hot Chocolate


  • Holiday Frites (Roast Beef with Cider Onions, Gravy & Shredded Swiss Cheese)
  • Poutine
  • Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

New France

  • Turkey Legs
  • Holiday Funnel Cake (Gingerbread Spiced Caramel Funnel Cake)
  • St. Louis Ribs with your choice of Teriyaki, BBQ, or Honey Mustard Sauces


  • Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate (Peppermint, Peanut Butter, or Salted Caramel)
  • Variety of Specialty Cookies
  • Cookie Decorating Kit


  • Rotating Seasonal Brews
  • Variety of Red & White Wines
  • Cranberry Hot Toddy


  • Caramel, Fudge & Candy Apples
  • Petit Fours
  • Cheesecake Pops

Coasters & Rides

Love the rides and roller coasters that make Busch Gardens theme park so special?  Well, 15 rides and coasters are open during this event!

  • Alpengeist
  • Finnegan’s Flyer
  • Verbolten
  • InvadR
  • Der Autobahn
  • Der Autobahn Jr.
  • Le Catapult
  • Der Wirbelwind
  • Kinder Karussel
  • Li’l Clydes
  • Der Roto Baron
  • Prince Elmo’s Spire
  • Grover’s Alpine Express
  • Oscar’s Whirly Worm
  • Busch Gardens Railway

I am really glad they are running the Busch Gardens Railway.  It’s a great way to see all the decorations.  You can board at Tweedside Station or Caribou Station.

Sesame Street Forest of Fun

In addition to some of your kid’s favorite rides at the Sesame Street Forest of Fun being available, there are also great photo opps.  You can get a picture of your child with one of their favorite Sesame Street characters.  Social distancing will be required though!


A trip to Busch Gardens wouldn’t be complete without seeing their amazing animals, right?  During the day, you can get an up-close visit at Eagle’s Ridge or Wolf Valley.  You can learn about wolves and eagles there, too.  And you can get an amazing Christmas photo with one of the Clydesdale horses at the Highland Stables!

Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt

What could be better than a scavenger hunt?  How about a holiday-themed scavenger hunt?  Gingerbread men are hiding throughout Busch Gardens.  Take a scavenger hunt across various villages to find them!


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