A picture of the Lamb Chop you can order at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival

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Yesterday, I talked about the Italy booth at the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival.  But that is not the only booth my family enjoyed when we visited the festival.  Another one we liked that we wanted to talk about is the Australia booth.

Now, my family is quite familiar with Italian cuisine because we eat Italian food all the time.  But outside of visits to Outback Steakhouse, we are not very familiar with Australian cuisine.  And that really is what the Food & Wine Festival is all about, trying new foods and drinks you aren’t familiar with and finding new favorites.  There are a lot of other cuisines you can find at the festival; you can read more about them in our Food & Wine Festival Guide.

You can find the Australia booth at the front of the park in the Scotland section.  It’s right by the train station.  Like, if you get off at that train station, you are right in front of the booth.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival Australia booth review

So today I want to tell you about the food & drinks you can find at the festival and what our favorites were.  I also want to tell you how you can save money at the festival.

Australia Menu


  • Lamb Chop: Roasted Lamb Lollipop & Cilantro Mint Sauce
  • Snag on the Barbie: Banger Sausage & Vegemite Caramelized Onions
  • Lamington Cake: Spong Cake, Raspberry Jam, Chocolate & Coconut


  • Daou Vineyards “Pessimist” Red
  • Torbreck Woodcutter Shiraz


  • Aussie Mule: Ginger Beer, Myers Dark Rum & Lime


  • Foster’s

Specialty Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)

  • Bondi Beach Punch: Cranberry, Lemonade & Hibiscus
  • Ginger Beer: Spicy Ginger Soda

Our Favorites

So one of our favorites was the dessert, the Lamington Cake.

A picture of the Lamington Cake I ordered at the Australia booth at the Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia

This was a dessert I was totally unfamiliar with.  And when I first when to dig into the cake, it felt hard and I worried it would be too hard to eat.

But luckily, that was not the case.  My favorite part though was the interior.  That’s where get more of the cake part and the jam.  The jam was particularly delicious.  Everyone in my family liked it which was surprising since not everyone in my family likes raspberry.  But it was really good.

The outside turned out to be good, too.  Not too terribly hard.  And the coconut & chocolate together made it taste like a great Mound’s bar, one of my favorite candy bars.

Our other favorite menu item was the Lamp Chop.

A picture of the Lamb Chop you can order at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival

The meat itself with the Lamp Chop was really good.  That was the best part.  I will say the sauce was a bit spicy for my taste.  I don’t normally mind spicy but this was extremely spicy.

Having said that, though, I still wanted to keep eating and enjoyed it.  Here’s a tip if you too like the meat but find it too spicy: scrape off the sauce.  Or if you know you don’t like spicy sauces, you could ask them to hold the sauce.  But if you like really spicy foods, I suspect you will like this a lot.

How to Save Money

Interested in trying the food and drinks at the Australian market at the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival?  You could consider using the Food & Wine Festival Sampler Lanyard.  We go over how the sampler lanyard could save you money here.

By the way, you will also need a ticket to Busch Gardens in order to attend the festival.  You can find out how to get discount tickets to Busch Gardens here.