Squire's Grille at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has a wonderful variety of food

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Let’s face it, food at theme parks can always leave a lot to be desired.  They are often overpriced and the same standard foods.

But Busch Gardens Williamsburg is not your standard theme park.  And I think they have some dining options that are a step above.  Mainly because I think they stick to their European theming.  Rather than offering the same food in every restaurant around the park, they theme the food options based on the sections.  And that makes things a lot more interesting.

And one of my favorite places to get a meal at Busch Gardens is the Squire’s Grille.

Review of Squire's Grille a fast service outdoor restaurant at Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia

The Squire’s Grille is located in the England section at the front of the theme park.  It, as you would imagine, has a British theming to the restaurant, reflected in the building architecture, decorations in the restaurant, and the food.

You go inside the building to order your food, but the seating is outside.  It is a quick-service restaurant, meaning you order and pay and then take your food and there are no waiters or waitresses serving you your food.

There are plenty of tables outside that (thankfully) have umbrellas over them, which makes it a little less hot in the summer.  There is also extra seating available nearby, also in England, with beautiful views of Busch Gardens there.  It’s right before you leave England to go into Scotland or Ireland.  That’s where my family sat.

Squire’s Grille Food Review

Squire's Grille at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has a wonderful variety of food

The Squire’s Grille offers a good variety of food.  I like this because if you are going in a group, not everyone will like the same thing.  For example, I like going there to get fish and chips.  But not everyone in my family likes eating fish.  So I am glad they have other food options.  These other options include burgers, chicken, turkey wraps, and even an English garden salad.

But as I said, I got the fish-n-chips.

I loved the fish & chips available at Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia

I can get picky about fish.  I’ve ordered it at a lot of restaurants with varying results.  But this is really good fish and chips.  The fish is really delicious.  It’s definitely a step above most entrees at theme parks.

So as I said, not everyone likes fish and chips in my family.  But that allows me to tell you that the burgers are great here, too.

We also ordered a couple desserts to try them: the chocolate cake and cheesecake.

Busch Gardens theme in Williamsburg, Virginia has great desserts like this chocolate cake

So I love desserts and was excited about getting the desserts, but I was sadly a bit disappointed in these options.  Although that in part comes from the fact that I thought the cheesecake I grabbed was strawberry cheesecake and it turned out to be I believe raspberry.  And the chocolate cake was very good, but not the best chocolate cake I have ever had.

I think next time I go here, I will either try other desserts or skip desserts at this restaurant.  There are a lot of other great dessert options around Busch Gardens.  Getting a sundae at Josephine’s Creamery de Chocolat in France always comes to mind for me.  So I think I would get an entree at Squire’s Grille and then a dessert later somewhere else.

Busch Gardens Dining Plan

So a great thing about Squire Grille is that it is included in Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s all-day dining plan.  The All-Day Dining Deal allows you to get an entrée, a drink, and a side or dessert every 90 minutes you are at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  You can use it at Squire’s Grille along with other participating restaurants at Busch Gardens.

Now, buying all those things (entree, side or dessert, drink) separately during the day can add up.  So it really is a great value to buy an all-day dining pass.

You can buy the all-day dining pass separately from your park ticket.  So, if you already have a ticket or a fun card or you are a Busch Gardens member, then click here to get a separate all-day dining pass for the next time you visit BGW.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket, click here.  You can buy your admission ticket and add on the dining plan to your ticket.  This is the best value.